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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by cdr0, May 24, 2010.

  1. ok so i dont expect top of the line vape here but i just want a vape that is quiet and is very smooth, my price range is 80-150 i don't really know anything about vapes only bongs, thanks for the help
  2. Get the silver surfer. its lux. And if you look hard you can find them at a decent price
  3. I would reccomend the Da Buddha but that's still above your price range but similar to the Silver Surfer.

    Get the Magic Flight Launch Box, it's only $100 and is an amazing little unit that is portable and easy to use, and gears up almost instantly! I really highly reccomend it. If you were up to spend around 200 then you'd have a lot more options then with 150.
  4. they look tight but id have to save up a little bit of money for that
  5. I second this notion!

    The Magic Flight Launch Box is all I use now and I own a bong, bubbler, two pipes, and a one hitter. Never looking back.
  6. everyone says they like the the launch box but i would like one that looks like a vapor brothers
  7. Well it just depends on what you're looking for. If you want a stationary at home vape then you should check out vapor brothers. If you're looking for a portable, stealthy vape, then the Launch Box is your best bet. The MFLB is the best portable vape imo, and it fit my needs more than a home unit would have.
  8. I still choose the LB over the VB. the vapor bros is at a downward angle that makes it really easy for the herb to fall out of place, not to mention that the LB has the best warranty of ANY vape.
  9. I was talking to someone on here earlier who had owned 6 different vapes and i asked him his favorite, he said purple-days.

    i looked up the purple days vape and it was actually really sturdy and nice, i dont remember price it was 160-200.
  10. The Purple Days is THE most efficient vape on the market, but there's a long waiting list.
    May also be out of OPs price range

  11. If you want a portable vape, the magic flight launch box is by far your best bet for the reasons everyone else has said.

    If you want the world's most efficient vape, get a purple days. The downside is that they aren't good for groups as the bowl is quite small and they have a huge waiting list.

    If you want a non portable whip style vape, the Vapor Brothers and Da Buddha are both good. I have a vapor brothers vape and I couldn't be more happy with it. It gets me ripped, it conserves bud, and it works flawlessly after hundreds of uses. While the Da Buddha and the Vapor Brothers are set up a little differently, they both function equally as well. You will have people who own one say how the other one is worse but the reality is that they both do what they are intended for very well. I can say that nearly every complaint I've read about the vapor brothers is unfounded. I don't have a Da Buddha so I can't comment on that.

    I can say from personal experience that a vapor brothers vape out performs a magic flight launch box, as long as you don't need it to be portable. The magic flight launch box does indeed work, but it seems slower and you have to always worry about charging the batteries. If you plan on doing most of your vaping at home, go for a plug in vape. If you plan on doing most of your vaping on the run, get a magic flight.

    As far as noise goes, all the vapes I've mentioned have no moving parts. The only noise is from the air that is being sucked through.

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