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Search engines go bye-bye?

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHempress, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. For the past two days Google, Ask, Lycos (not UK), AltaVista, and Yahoo have not been working properly for me. Some don't even show up as existing anymore. The only thing I can use anymore is DogPile.

    What up with that? Anyone else having these problems, or is it something wrong with me?
  2. i use google and i haven't been havin any problems, wish i could help. maybe u need to tune up ur puter? idk, i'm not very good with that kinda thing.
  3. I just used google five min's ago. Are you by any chance using a different browser than you have been or something? if you're using something less common like mozilla it could be related. For some reason I've had a hard time getting Harry Potter websites to load correctly with Mozilla Firebird.
  4. Harry potter websites... the only one i've ever been to was the offical one.. have you ever done the sorting hat... fucking ace....
  5. i've been using google everyday for the past few days no prob. Mebbe it's your computer.
  6. strangely i cant access google, lycos, cant searchon yahoo but can access it.... could be just coincidence or somethin. cuz everyone else including my roomate can access google

  7. I'm having that problem with Yahoo, too. I can go there, but none of the searches work.
  8. Dude, Harry's a Pothead and the Sorcerer's Stoned.
  9. well im pretty sure yahoo's powered by google? duno duno if i get this sorted out ill tell ya tho heh
  10. found an answer... seems its a new spyware/trojan going around that is possibly exploiting a hole in IE

    the fix: search for and delete all files called "hosts" on ur drive. there is no extension to the file, it is simply called "hosts". it is recommended u delete all temporary internet files. close all IE windows and reopen and u should be able to get to sites like google.com

    they also recommend getting programs like spybot s&d, ad-aware, spywareblaster. do a search on these. update and scan using these as well as a virus scanner. this is just to be safe even though i think this particular exploit is new enough not to be detected by most programs. anyways good luck with it.
  11. Oh, thank you Chen! I'm going to go try that :)

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