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  1. ok, i have been cheaking out some seed banks and seeds direct looks like the one. yall told me that the best newbie plants to grow are top44, durban poison and northern lights. i have noticed that these plants have tones of leves and not so many bud's, are the pictures missleading me or is this true.? it says flowering in 44 days, how many days or months before you can cut the buds and harvest ?.
    what plants have been your best growers. top44 and northern lights are about £10 where as some other plants a much more, as they are £10 does this mean they are week plants and nothing special. i seen a plant "super skunk" wich looks attractive at £30 and is full of buds, "on the picture" is this plant any good for a new guy like me.

    how do u put pictures on the message, insteed of attacing the picture file??...

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  2. Its called advertising. You place a nice looking picture of a product that costs more next to a so-so looking picture of a product that doesn't cost as much. The consumer looks at both pics and assumes the more expensive choice is better because it looks better in the ad. So the guy spends more money due to the nicer pic, not necessarily because its a better product.

    Those choices of Top44, DP, and NL are recommended to newbies because they are relatively cheap to buy and when a newbie makes a mistake, he doesn't kill a $10 seed, just a $1 seed. Also those plants are pretty easy to grow and can take a lot of punishment while you learn how to grow. Top44 is a quick grower and and finisher so security and paranoia about getting caught are lessened for a newbie. And yes top44 can be harvested after about 44 days of flowering. Yeah, there are better choices to grow out there but they take skill and expertise and money. Something most newbies don't have. When you learn drive an automobile, do you start out in a Ferrari or a Ford?

    But in the end its your money, your time, and your grow. Do what you want and if you ask a question, this forum is here to help. Good luck!

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