Sean Penn gives his Oscar to Zelensky

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  1. American actor Sean Penn has given his Oscar to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky
    during a visit to the capital Kyiv.

    Video posted on Mr Zelensky's Telegram channel also showed the president
    awarding Penn Ukraine's Order of Merit.

    Penn, who is known for his political activism as much as he is for his films,
    fled Ukraine in March while filming a documentary about the conflict.

    He later said he considered joining Ukrainian forces to fight against Russia.

    Kremlin officials previously added Penn, and fellow actor Ben Stiller, to Russia's "stop list",
    meaning they are now banned from entering the country.

    (Ed: he's confident he can always get another
  2. Just a move for publicity, doesn't solve a single thing.
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  3. Likely partially, but it is quite a symbolic gesture and shouldn't be discredited in my opinion.
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  4. Well Sean is kind of a dick, he used to beat up women if I remember correctly. I'm not sure what symbolic gesture is he's trying to get across. That Zelensky is acting? The war is fake?
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  5. So he is a sleezebag. I knew it. The mustache gives it away
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  6. Anyone who gives an award away is virtue signaling , but this is worse the whole thing was started by the West putting there puppet government in power of Ukraine .. so we can give billions to Ukraine but nothing to citizens who can’t find jobs because of outsourcing ? And disability is poverty trap can’t get that ..

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