Sean Paul

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  1. Going to be hanging out with Sean Paul in a bit, going to his hotel then going to his concert and then after we got backstages passes all thanks to my dad hes a Fucking pimp hes got some mad connects
  2. that's cool, but fuck sean paul if i was hear when you first posted this i'd tell you to give him a big fuck you from just blaze on the gc forums
  3. tell him his flows slightly off... and he sounds like a guy putting on a rasta accent
  4. i fucking hate sean paul, its cool you got connects im not knocking you...but if i ever met him id beat the shit out of him and stomp his throat so his faggot voice wouldnt pollute my ears anymore.

    its not that i dont like him or anything.....
  5. Hell yeah man. Make sure u get some pics.
    some friends of mine went to a bone thugs concert and got to chill with them after the show. They got an ass of pictures of them gettin high and drinking. He blew up on pic to the size of a wall of all them with their own blunts. shit was cool. glad he got pics too cause you would've never believed someone tellin you they were smokin with someone like bone thugs ya know
  6. rock on killAss! I dig Sean Paul and chillin with him would be awesome. Have a great time and let us know how it goes.
  7. DUDE FUCKING TOKE UP WITH HIM! "we b burnin" PROVE IT. hahaha do it though thatd b pretty cool even tho he sucks.
  8. Good god, you must hate your ears.
  9. not a big fan, but burnin and temperature are pretty good songs
  10. he was actually born in Jamaica so thats prety much why he as the accent
  11. This is wha went down we ended u hookin his brother up with 2 ounces of soem grape smoked a joint with him and then hung out wit sean for a bit and then left for the show well we went to go pick up are tickets they hookedus up on and Fuckign there was ony 2 and there were supposed to be 3 and they were regular ass tickets man and well we ended up seeing some ppl we knw and kicke them down the tickets well i went backtomy dads an he went out to chill and i guess they called seans bro later to see what happened and guess they chilled and shit idk about any pics yett if i get some ill for sure postem
  12. hes famous and im not have to say no interest in ever meeting that guy..and he does sound like a wannabe a bit but its tight that youre gonna hang with someone you like (i think im late on this but ohwell hoep it was good)

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