Sean Kent @ Yuk Yuk's Calgary Oct. 9 to 13 / 07

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  1. A great time was had by all. Brett Martin was just to funny. First he admitted he consumed cannabis then went on to do a bit on cannabis and we jumped on the chance to educate the crowd on hand.

    Kelly was wearing a Michelle Rainey Medicinal t-shirt. Black t-shirt with Medicinal in bright white. In a dark club it stood out big time.
    Debbie gave Brett a Hairy Pothead and the Marijuana Stone #30 signed by Dana Larsen while he was doing his cannabis bit. We got to plug Dana and the eNDP, Cannabis Culture, No Extradition for the BC3, etc.

    At one point Brett Martin went on to ask the crowd who was against cannabis. One hand was raised. Brett took the opportunity to run with it at that persons expense. Just to funny.

    Sean Kent was a laugh riot. He also admitted to consuming cannabis and did a bit on cannabis. We found out after the shows Sean is a cancer survivor.

    One of our group got creamed big time. A server dumped a dish of sour cream on his arm and his pants. What a mess.

    After the shows Debbie and Kelly hooked up with Brett Martin and our group got to meet him and have a interesting conversation with him in the parking lot.

    Our group bought 6 t-shirts and a CD from Sean Kent. Debbie got Sean to sign our t-shirts. Thank you Kelly for buying me a t-shirt too!

    I have one t-shirt saved for a future pro cannabis event give away prize.


    Sean Kent T-shirts
    Sean Kent signed T-shirts
    Michelle Rainey Medicinal t-shirt

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