Sealing a Joint with honey?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Stoner405, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Why do people seal bible paper joints with honey :D? I was about to pack my bowl but im getting really bored with bowls :/. So yeah does it not stick unless you seal with honey? Does it add a nicer flavor/smell :D?

  2. I've rolled joints with bible paper and it's kinda hard to make the paper stick. I've never used honey just lots of saliva haha. it works pretty well, but you'd be better of with papers that are meant to be smoked.
  3. Bad idea to use honey. Just go with saliva bruh.
  4. I've never used honey to seal a joint, or used bible paper for that matter when regular papers are cheaper. But I have smoked many honey blunts, we would roll our blunts 2-step always and on the outer leaf use honey-water mixture to get it moist and wrap it on. Then nuke it for 7 seconds, I personally love it and even though that article may urge against it there is already tons of sugar in the blunt and if you smoke hookah like me there is tons of sugar in that too (albeit it water filtered) so I think the damage is a bit minimal. If you are smoking a blunt in the first place I don't think you are to worried about carcinogens
  5. Why not use BHO ;) ?
  6. i cant believe people still smoke bible papers. the bleach used on paper is toxic, very toxic, and the ink they use is even more toxic when burnt.

    bite the bullet, walk to a gas station and shell out 2 bucks for some real papers. unless you cant buy papers due to certain laws regarding age

  7. Obviosly they can't buy them due to thier age, or else they would not be using bible paper.

    There are better ways to smoke if your not old enough to buy pieces or papers. Smoking bleach and honey isint very smart.
  8. why deface the bible when you already got a bowl and like the others said that shits bad for you. I got an idea load a bowl then read the bible:D
  9. i heard honey inhalation forms crystals in your lungs?

    I dont know if that information is legit, but i wouldnt want to take the risk
  10. Simple experiment. Turn on an electric burner and place a single drop of honey on it. Smell. Is that something you want in your lungs? :confused: "Nuff said!

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