sealed grow room 4x1000 watt air cooled light ventilation

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  1. this is my first grow and i want to build a 10'x10' sealed grow room to grow 30 plants hydroponically in 4 gallon buckets. There is a lot of heat produced from 4x 1000 watt hps lights and i was wondering if there is a way to vent the heat from my grow lights to an outside source while still maintaining a completely sealed room. will the glass cover over each light be enough to keep the fans from sucking air out of my sealed room? or will it be better to go bare bulb with a mini split ac? i have a 12000 btu mini split ac and was wondering which option is better. i am willing to buy a bigger mini split if necessary.
  2. you need to have air coming in and air being exhausted. what size hoods or fans were you planning on using?
    4000 watts is hott!!!!! you need major ventilation not just a/c. try a passive air intake and exhaust with a inline/centrifugal fan through the lights would be make the temperature the lowest.
  3. Hi, you need to cooltube separatly your light from your grow room.
    Use a blower exhaust to cool your light from an external source, and you can trow back this somewhere outsite also,
    for a scealed room with co2 that is you need, separate cooltube and blower that pull air from outsite , pass tru your lights and tube, and then outside again,
    then you will need a controler to control when AC is running and not running,like a climat controller, im pretty sure youknow what im talking about, but this is the way to go
  4. If you're bringing air in or out of the room it's not a sealed room. In a true sealed room, no air enters or exits the room. The major concern in a sealed room is heat. Once you've determine how much a/c you need ( figure no less than 5000-6000 btu's per 1000 watt bulb) you can simply use the a/c and fans to control the temp of the room.
  5. 3000btu per 1000 should be anough,,,, but for a scealed room i have no experience in there , the temp should be way over.
    and yes you can seal a room with some cooled light that came from outside and go in the cooltube, that they are scealed already,, and then to the exit... this is the way on how its working, otherwise there is no way you can put some 1000 in there..... we talk big there with 1000
    cooltubed light should be scealed anyway otherwise your blower will not blow air properly....
    we talk about a scealed cooltube and exhaust that pull air from the outside, in the cooltube, then outside, completely scealed from the room.. this is how cool hood scealed work.. there is no other way for a big room to do that

  6. I have 4 x 1000 watt lights in each of my bud rooms (12 x 12 grow area each room). I use cool tube reflectors with fans venting the heat to the outside through insulated ducting. Each room is also ventilated with a 12" vortec exhaust fan and passive intake.
    In the winter I vent the heat from the lights into the rooms and run the lights during the day to keep the rooms warm. In the summer I vent them outside, run the lights at night and use 12000 btu air conditioners to keep the room temps to a manageable level.

    Those lights throw off a LOT of heat. You will need air cooled reflectors for sure

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