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  1. I received homegrown plant freshly harvested but was sealed for almost a week in a bag without being ‘burped’. Just started the drying process a week later. Do you think the weed will be good? Or time will tell and fingers crossed no mold?
  2. Wet weed sealed for a week usually molds. If not then.

    A lot depends on your local humidity. If your not drying at 70% humidity extra steps are needed to stay in range as the dry is the most critical step. Blow the dry and no cure can happen.

    I only take down off the plant what I can trim up in 10 minutes as longer then that and it wilts and makes trimming that much harder.
    A jar of denatured Alcohol to dip and clean the scissors in keeps them from gumming up.

    Hang until the smallest popcorn buds firm back up. In my local low 12 % humidity this can happen in just hours.


    Strip all the buds from the major branches, cut into thumb sized nugs and bag them.
    A pair of grape scissors works best for this.


    Stack bags in new clean closed trashcan overnight.

    Set back out during the day. They'll spend less time out and exposed as the days progress. Stir the bag contents a few times a day.

    This slows the dry and made all the difference in how my end product started to come out. Soft and squishy = needs more time exposed. Stiff and almost crunchy = needs more can time. At the end of 7 to 10 days you want to be at 65-62% when the can is first opened in the morning as that is your best read. I suspended a humidity gauge at the top of the can.

    At that point it is perfectly dried and can be placed in jars with no pesky burping needed.


    Half gallon mason jars with a 60 gram size 62% Boveda humidity pack for insurance and a 60 day cure will give you as good as it gets.
    This works in low humidity zones and will get you a can of mold in Florida hurricane season. :)


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