Sealed 4x8 w co2

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  1. Sealed rooms hv advantages but totally hv a downside as well ..if I knew I would be spending this much $ on getting set up I might hv changed my mind lol I run 2 1000w lights in 6" radiant hoods I'm planning on running either my 6 inline or reducing my 12" inline to 6" in hops tht my temps will stayed at desired range anybody with exp plz chime in I do have 2 portable duel hose 13000btu ac hoping not need them but if I do I think just one will do the trick . I'd like to avoid the ac if I can because it would take a substantial amount of space up in my grow room (4x8)I run 8 dwc bucket in my tent I have a atmosphere controller tht I recently just bought but am still setting up dead bands and co2 range .. I hv a 20lb tank if ppl would like to discuss what they have temps rh and co2 settings set at and why I think we could all learn from each other. Hopefully I get some responses here I tried starting a similar theead this week "Keep em growin " Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    I run a 4x5 sealed room and A/C is not an option, it is a must! And so is a dehumidifier. I've dropped a few grand into my sealed room and veg area, but it's all paying off now. Veg area is not sealed. I use a window unit but have it set to recycle. Not my first choice, but it was FREE and it takes up no floor space. When it dies I will replace it with a Mini-split. I keep my room at 78 And the A/C has a +/- 7 Humidity is set to 45% but at night maintains 50% with 4 plants perspiring at the same time. I pull at least a gallon a night. My co2 is 1500 ppm. I've currently got a sour diesel that stands 6' in flower and it has the potential to get another 30" if it were to triple from when I put it in at 30". I only run 1-1000W HPS 8" cooled hood. I pull air with 8" fan from my crawlspace through 8" insulated ducting.
  3. subbed. I dont have any info but as you know i got co2 on the way so im gonna hang around. I will help when i got some knowledge for ya!

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