Seal the door and putting fan in wood

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  1. I got my hands on a piece of trash bookshelf. I have built a door for it. All I need to do is put the hinges up and she is ready to be turned on.

    Before I can turn her on, I don't know how to seal off the door. I used caulk in every other crack and corner, but realize I cant caulk the door shut and couldnt apply caulk to do the door while it is shut anyway. What is the next best way to seal off the door for light and smell?

    Second question. The whole thing is wood and I have an idea how I want to install the passive intake and the carbon filter and exhaust. My question is how do I put a whole in the wood? I used a skill saw to cut the door and that obviously isnt going to work to put the whole in. I am going to need 2 4" holes on one side at least that I will be mounting PVC elbows to. Secondly I will be mounting my 120mm PC fan for carbon filter and exhaust. So I will need to be able to cut the whole and mount the fan. Any suggestions are certainly welcome.

  2. Weather seal or overlaping pieces of something reflective

    4 inch hole saw
  3. A dremel would work for cutting the hole.
  4. Yes, weather-stripping to seal the door, and a jigsaw or something like a Dremel to cut the hole (use a drill for a starter hole if needed).
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    I have access to a dremel. Never used it, but I am sure I can figure it out.

    Is the weather stripping anything special or just regular old stripping for any door?

    And because I am a complete noob and dont want to screw it up. The stripping goes on the cab not the door right? Or is it the other way around?
  6. Hey sideshow, ive seen you round before...

    Anyways for that door problem youre having, heres a solution..

    You need Vaseline and caulk

    Clean the target area and apply a decent amount of vasiline... over the vasaline you put the caulk

    Let the caulk dry and wipe off Vaseline and now you have a seal!
  7. "Regular" weather-stripping is fine, but it comes in different sizes and styles so you will need what fits your situation. I have weather-stripping mounted on the doorframe of my space, not the door, though as long as it achieves the desired air-tight and light-tight seal I don't see that it matters.
  8. Problem with this is there is not way to apply caulk to the door/inside of my cab with the door shut. I cant fit in the cab.

  9. lol :smoke:

    Don't you have to make holes for fans? Maybe stick your hand in there and do it lol.

  10. Lol. For some reason that sounds like a terrible idea. lol

    I've battling weather stripping all day. My door is warped which makes it a real PITA. I hope it is pretty much light proofed now so when I add the Reflictix I will be completely light proofed. If not I am going to be ticked.

  11. Yea, its the kinda thing you save for your last option lol

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