Seal team 6 takes a blow

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  1. Really... Really?

    2:30 on



    I can get more if you'd like.. plenty to choose from lol :smoking:

  2. Exactly i live in the middle east and traveled all around the world, well most of it actually and i say this out of experience.

    The middle east is just as fun as anywhere else, we party just as much and live just as good.
    I'v done more shit here then movies could write.
  3. Ya i went to egypt for a track meet in 8th grade lol it was pretty awesome and we never had any problem with the local people at all they were nice.
  4. wow :( wtf guys I posted this so people could learn the story and hopefully gain some respect for the men and woman fighting across seas.

    not so i can start a argument about that war. Yeah i agree we shouldn't be over there, but we are, and so are our loved ones. So i will never stop supporting our military as long as the good continue to serve.
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    Skunky monkey I'm sorry but your a dcking idiot this war is not about oil, if it was about oil don't you think we would have seized their oil fields and started taking oil from them? Yeah dumb ass that has never happened find me some proof of that happening. And to the idiot who thinks Obama hasnt blamed bush he blames him all the time over the economy he says well bush left me with this shut what am I suppose to do. Obama has also doubled our debt since bush. You kids need to stop watching your liberal bullshit on Msnbc and watch fox. And to them killing women and children skunky your wrong again, women and children are gonna die that's inevitable, thy dot just see a kid playing soccer and say hey man that'd be funny if I blew his fucking was off. And what about our women in 911? Yeah those fuckers killed 3000 innocent civillians and lots of women. Oh and you think people serving is them not being able to go to college? Your once again wrong they are going to protect us and lots of them go to college in the army you dumb ass. You kids need to learn some facts before posting bullshit about your own fucking country.

    No need for the disrespect. Mat369
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    It's the governments fault not the military there's just doing what there ordered there like ok there's bad guys here go get them if they have a gun shoot.
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    But a soldier blindly following orders is not a soldier but an attack dog.

    And reppin 713, your post was probably one of the funniest pro-war posts i'v seen.. watch fox,kids! :laughing:

    A famous video that touched me.

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    :laughing: your funny with your funny swear words :rolleyes:, if you didn't come across so disrespectful maybe i would of read more that the 1st line.

    Oh and yeh ever heard of punctuation.?

    Just skimmed through your laughable opinions we have killed more civilians than the people that died in 911, in fact we have killed 3 times and more civilians

    Here are some statistics that you wont read because your so closed minded and wont accept anything else other than what some politician said.:rolleyes:

    Oh i never said anything to do with collage :laughing:

    Casualties in Afghanistan:
    Afghan troops killed [1]\t8,587\t\t
    Afghan troops seriously injured [2]\t\t25,761\t
    Afghan civilians killed [3]\t8,813\t\t
    Afghan civilians seriously injured [4]\t\t15,863\t
    U.S. troops killed [5]\t1,140\t\t
    U.S. troops seriously injured [6]\t\t3,420\t
    Other coalition troops killed [7]\t772\t\t
    Other coalition troops seriously injured [8]\t\t2,316\t
    Contractors killed [9]\t298\t\t
    Contractors seriously injured [10]\t\t2,428\t
    Journalists killed [11]\t 19\t\t
    Journalists seriously injured [12]\t\t unknown\t
    Total killed in Afghanistan\t19,629\t\t
    Total injured in Afghanistan\t\t48,644\t

    # Casualties in Iraq:
    Iraqi troops killed [13]\t30,000\t\t
    Iraqi troops seriously injured [14]\t\t90,000\t
    Iraqi civilians killed [15]\t864,531\t\t
    Iraqi civilians seriously injured [16]\t\t1,556,156\t
    U.S. troops killed [17]\t4,414\t\t
    U.S. troops seriously injured [18]\t\t 31,882\t
    Other coalition troops killed [19]\t 318\t\t
    Other coalition troops seriously injured [20]\t\t 2,296\t
    Contractors killed [21]\t 933\t\t
    Contractors seriously injured [22]\t\t 10,569\t
    Journalists killed [23]\t 142\t\t
    Journalists seriously injured [24]\t\t unknown\t
    Total killed in Iraq\t900,338\t\t
    Total injured in Iraq\t\t1,690,903

    Total cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan oil war \t
  9. ^ Thats what happens when the enemy hides inside of civilians houses. They did that shit on purpose so the military is forced to have some civilian casualties.
  10. Someone clearly hasn't heard of the British East India Company, nor the Suez Crisis... Read some political history. Both were British methods of controlling an area through control of its economic assets.

    Countries do not tend to invade other nations to begin immediately plundering the desired commodity, in this case oil; it would be far too obvious. It is done by setting up sympathetic governments, to allow a more free flowing trade to occur, at a more beneficial cost...

    Every administration blames its predecessor, but that's the nature of politics for you...

    Your points might be taken more positively if you didn't resort to name-calling.
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    a picture is worth 1000 words

    we already have the oil...
  12. I don't know if I follow what you are hinting at?

    From what I can remember, the control of the Afghani poppy and cannabis fields was never a particularly high priority in the case for the Afghan war.

    It isn't like it has worked anyway, even with all the 'hearts and minds' campaigns in the world. The farmers haven't been given a good enough reason to change their choice of crop, seeing as they get more for the poppy and the cannabis plants, so they carry on planting regardless.

    No, the war was an attempt to stop the Taliban from allowing the country to be used as an international training school for would-be terrorists, as well as a base for their leaders.

    What our leaders seemed to forget was that the country has been the ruin of many invading powers, for millenia. Still, it doesn't mean that something should not be done, I accept this.

  13. The majority of civilian deaths is from the air strikes

  14. Very true, also yes he would have a valid argument if he didn't resort to name calling which will now get him a infraction.

    Oh and have fun with your new light green bar ;)

  15. America consumes more painkillers then any other country.

  16. Yeh i got that to, they will take anything tht they can use, it's more like a armed robbery :laughing:

  17. yeah thats what i mean bro. They would hide in civilian towns until the army came, but the US will bomb the shit out of anyone so our solders have a beter chance, civilans or not.

    I agree with you good sir, we fucked up a lot while dealing with the Iraqi public

  18. Yeh :( the US air striked so many villages, why i guess we will never know, well unless these politicions get exposed.

  19. I know a sergent in the ARMY and he said 1/100 doors he kicked down had " something suspicious " his higher ups think a single round cartage is worth investigating over.

    3 knocks, 10 seconds later 10 men armed to the teeth come rushing in, making your porn session come to a disappointing conclusion :rolleyes:

  20. Yep that's how they do it, that's how they do it in the US as well the DEA just kick your door down shoot your dogs and ask questions later :rolleyes:

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