Seal team 6 takes a blow

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    The taliban aren't that bad what i ment was is there not activly trying to destroy the world but yes i don't think every muslum is a terroist what does that mean OMG YOU HATE AMERICA YOU HATE AMERICA WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA YOU HAVE A OPEN MIND OG FUCK BITCHES WE GOT A CCC12 THIS FUCKER HATES AMERICA BECAUSE HE HAS A OPEN MIND AND THINKS THE KILLING OF CHILDREN IS A BAD THING.

    You know what you make people look bad YOU

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    Honestly a seal team dieing doesn't hurt me much i feel alot worse knowing how many people die a day over there and everywhere for no reason. (soldiers included)
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    Because the primary focus of this thread isn't the war rather a handful of people that died during the war. Nobody asked for opinions on the war as a whole, or opinions on the US/Al Qaeda/whoeverelse. If you wanna argue the morality and efficiency of the war there are countless threads to do it.. And they look exactly like this one, really. People trudge thread to thread posting the same argument, which in return has turned this thread which was meant to pay respect to dead people into yet another cliched argument that we've had a million times.

    I don't like to hear about people dying and I don't wanna keep hearing news of people being lost in the war, so I'm obviously not in favor of the violence. But I think that it's irrelevant in this thread because it's not about that, it's just about lost people

    I see what you're getting at but it's sort of a shallow argument in my opinion. They may have been a SEAL team but that doesn't mean they weren't people like you and me. Loss of life is a big thing regardless of the details in my opinion
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    Everything you said, I discredit, because you mispelled "their" so many times that it's funny lol
  5. This is a public forum. All you are going to get is people's views on matters. Threads also tend to get de-railed and sidetracked a fair bit too...

    I expressed my view in the first page. It talked about lost civilians. I just chose to take it a bit further. My humbled apologies if my views are a little bit cliché...
  6. Yeh your totally right lets pay our respects to all those children the thousands that died, not there fault they were just born there, born into poverty to live a life of suffering until they were finally killed.

    وو ف سوثك يوو تهينك آفآريونآ وهو آخيستس وانتس تو تو دآستروي امآريثا نو ونآ ثارآس يوور جوست ا بارانويد ثوونتري تهات لوفآس تو ثونترول بآوبآلآ يثس فوثكين رآتاردآد وك يوو فوثكين سوثك
  7. ya they were people just like all the civilians we killed, all the other thousands of soldiers that died, and they are people just like everyone else that dies today just beacuse they were seals doesn't make them special, why doesn't the news have an on going stream announcing military deaths everyday? o ya thats right noone gives a fuck that's why our country is fucking sad.
  8. Then step up and just pay respect to them like everybody else should be doing. No need for arguing over it

  9. What ?? No i would rather pay my respects to the children who where slughtered, they have just as much right to live, get it out of your heads that the it's like fucking vietnam over there come on how many troops die a day not 1 maybe 1 every 2 weeks OK it's not war anymore it's tanks and presision air strikes.

    And i'm not sayin this because I HATE AMERICA ok i don't america isn't even something i think about that often it's just a dam country it's not like everyone wants to take over america come on.
  10. I commented on what you said, not what you were trying to say. I'm not a mind reader, perhaps you should do a better job expressing your opinion next time. Also, maybe you should look up the word opinion, because apparently anyone who doesn't agree with yours is automatically closed minded.

    Fact is you can believe anything you want because in this country, your free to do so. The same can't be said about countries like Afghanistan. Go there and speak out against the Taliban and lets see how long you last.

    This topic was created for people to come here and pay their respects. Unfortunately they can't even do that without people like YOU who feel obligated to come troll these topics with your anti-government beliefs.
  11. I do respect them and their lives but they aren't anymore special than anyone else, but hey "seal team dies in afghanistan" really gets all these honky mother fuckers riled up huh?
  12. the funny thing about any kind of political/ war thread on grasscity is that no one has any kind of sense of history or any inclination of how the world works - look through out history it's always the empires persecuting the lesser nations for more resources to sustain their society may it be land,oil, or human resources, and last time i checked a tiny nation does not throw rocks at an empire- so osama bin ladens big plan was to kill 3,000 americans that would then lead to the invasion of Afghanistan that resulted in large amount of afghani casualties and destruction of their infrastructure, WINN!!!
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    I have nothing against paying my respects to the people who died, but doesn't that mean we should pay our respects to the innocent children killed in the US bombing, or is it there fault for CHOOSING to live in a country of poverty and war, are they some who terrorists in your mind.

    I would rather mourn the loss of thousands of innocent woman and children.
  14. Then maybe you should start a thread and use that to pay respect to those people. You're right, they too had a right to live and they got fucked up anyway... but again, this thread clearly is about only a handful given what's in OP's post. If you wanna talk about other victims, go to another thread.
  15. What is it with you man? No where in any of my posts did I say it was wrong to morun the loss of innocent women and children. I certainly never called them terrorists.

    But did they mourn our innoncent men, women, and children killed on 9/11? Absolutely not, they were partying in the streets burning American flags.

    I think the only thing we're going to agree on is that the sooner this war is over and our troops are back home, the better.

  16. No the taliban and other groups were doing that not the people not the civilians
  17. I would shit all over their graves, if I wanted to go to Earth's sandbox - The Middle East. But why the fuck would I want to go there?

    Top Reasons to Visit the Middle East:
    1. Oil
    2. War
    3. Imperialism
    4. "Defense"
    5. Breathtaking displays of ancient construction, relics of great empires of the past, and to experience a whole different way of life. If you survive, that is.

    What a sad world.
  18. ^^ what a sad outlook

    Edit: There is tons of great shit in the middle east, it's not just made up of the three countries we're raping ;) there's food, mountains, culture, EVERYTHING!! you just gotta go to tourist places not the fucking ghetto.
  19. Personally, I think it's a lie fabricated to keep American support for the war.

    Anyone who's read 1984 by George Orwell might share these similar views.

  20. Yeh it is a lie, not like anyone's going to care though there getting oil soo.

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