Sea shell pipe?

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  1. So I've got these two seashells and I like I make a pipe or two from them. I plan on sanding off the sealed end for the mouthpiece but I don't know what to do about the bowl. Anyone ever done this? Suggestions?

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    Your best bet would be to get a bong down stem for a homemade bong and a L joint to put the bowl on. I'll get you pictures in a second.

    Edit: I sent you a link in pm
  3. seen it do it and screen it
  4. Ok might just do this and then seal the edges

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  5. I really hope you washed the absolute bejeesus out of them. If you think rotten fish-stank is bad, try inhaling it into your lungs with a nice, big blast of smoke.

    Otherwise, this is a bloody awesome idea.

    Seriously, though, I cannot stress enough how important it is to wash them. If you think you're being thorough, you're not - trust me. My friend tried to do this, and some vomit was involved.
  6. HAHA thank you yes I plan on soaking it in alcohol
  7. Yes. Yes you do.

    Really, you have no idea.

    Oh, God....

    The horror....

    General Sherman himself could not compete with the wretched tragedy that follows an improperly-cleaned shellpipe.
  8. Might wanna boil its for awhile too. Or use some type of industrial solvent (simple green could work). With the alcohol rinse and soak at the end
  9. Very nice specimens.
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    I was hesitant about suggesting boiling the shells because, to be honest, I've tried this myself. Either I used too much heat or my shell specimens were from an inferior species, as they shattered right good, they did (most likely too much heat). And, since all stoves are different, the best I can suggest is to gather more shells (assuming you only have two, judging from the pics and your post) and experiment with various heat, salt and maybe even ISO levels.
  11. I would say soak the shells in bleach for a few days.
    Gets rid of the smells and the germs and whatever little critter pieces may be left inside.
  12. Thanks for all the advice guys. I'm out of town for the holidays so it'll be a few days before I can get boiling/sealing.
  13. I've done this before and it seemed like such a bad ass idea, the bowl is deep as fuck but even with the extreme cleaning after a couple of hits everyone in the circle agreed that it had a taste to it, not enough to cause nausea but enough to say put that shit in a bowl and lets throw that shit in the street and watch a car run it over! XD it was fun to watch it for a good 30 min all blitzed! Everytime a car would come everyone would have that look of excitement and the car would just go over it or slightly miss it, when it finally got hit the car launched it towards us! It was funny as fuck to watch everyone's reaction to a seashell being launched towards abunch of blitzed people at a bus stop! Ahhh good memories
  14. She hits like a babe:)

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  15. Made a pipe with the one on the right in pic years ago.
    Shame I lost it :(
  16. That sucks:(
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    youve got it! ive made a bunch of these.


    It looks like the same method. i guled a metal screen at the hole. then drilled a hole at the pointed end and basically used a straw for the mouth piece and inserted into the drilled hole. Really, i took a pump action bottle of lotion, unscrewed it, and cut the bottom off. It wasnt as flexable making it easier to work with than a drinking straw. The only problem with small shells like this is they dont last for many uses. im sure youve already kno tho. Try shoving some aluminum foil into the shell to work as a heat sheild. Youll get more uses out of it :smoking: stoners are most clever
  18. That is the most unhealthy thing I have ever seen.
  19. If you actually did the research you would realize that it is actually non toxic, you might wanna start your search away from bullshit by looking into what it's made of and degrading temp and such :wave:
  20. If you actually did the research you would realize that glue, a plastic straw, and aluminum foil should not be heated and inhaled. :wave:

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