Sea of Seeds 1st birthday special

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by CL4P-TP, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Sea of Seeds is now having their 1st birthday sale.

    10 free seeds with any order. ( good till may 5th)

    also other giveaways.

  2. I saw this too and wondered if anybody here had ordered from them?
    If so, how was your experience?
  3. just fine ,seeds got here quick too (quicker then the attitude IMO).

    shipping was secure, and the freebies were alright ( KC Brains crosses) but well packaged.
  4. I ordered with them on 4/5. They are in ISC and I should have them soon. Ordered 5 feminized c99xmaroc and the 10 freebies sound awesome. I've heard bad things about KC brains, but I've had great luck with bag seed my first three trial grows, so I'm sot too worried.
  5. my beans just left customs! I cant wait to grow out these c99 x's I've heard great things about this strain.
  6. Are those (free seeds ) just some regular , not fem?
  7. one of the free seeds is a fem KC brain 42 or 36. Mine will be here in 4/20. How fitting.
  8. they send you some of each(depends on how much spent.).

    received DNA's lemon skunk and some KC brains ( forget which "numbers") in the same order..
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    just got mine today. Got:
    5 x-line c99 (bought)
    2 kc 36 (free)
    2 kc 42 (free)
    4 lemoneese (free)
    2 Kandy Kush (free)
    1 kc 33 fem (free)

    Not bad for a $30 order

    Edit: dont know for sure the 33 is fem but since there was only one I'm assuming....
    Edit 2: shipping is STEALTH and METICULOUS.
  10. Hi cubensiseye,
    I've been looking to grow out this C99 strain. Being a newb, so many strains so little time.
    Buy 5 & get 11 free. a hard to beat deal.

  11. I cant recommend them more. Fast shipping, discreet delivery..bean germed in under 12 hours...great company.

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