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  1. How many plants can I fit in a 2x4 foot area? Is there a general pot size for sea of green?
  2. Most Sogs I have read about (never done one myself) were in 2-3 gallon pots. Your area sounds like a basement room i had at my last house. I flowered 3 plants total under one 600watt HPS. Heat was a lil bit of a you know what.. I yeilded a lil less than 8oz of good bud..

    What's you set up info??
    Could give more hellp if i knew more..
  3. I'm actually planning on building a box soon. My dimensions are 2x4x6 with a air-cooled 1000w hps. I am worried about the heat but i'm sure the air-cooled reflector will take care of that. thanks for the reply
  4. :wave: Leave it to a fellow overgrower to be the only one to respond! 50 views and only one reply, you guys can do better then that.:confused:
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  6. my box is the same size, but im going to be using a 400 watt HPS, for your heat just go to the store and get 3, 8 inch duct fans, i think they have like 500 cfm or something and use 2 for intake and 1 for exhast and you shouldnt have much of a problem.
  7. Im sorry Dr doe but GC is all about LST(thx to DierWolf) and over grow is the SCROG experts heres a link im a beginner so im on my first grow so Im sorry I cant help but my my third grow I should be venturing in the field
  8. well since none else seems to be replying ill give my input. frow what ive researched with sea of green the goal is to cram as many plants as posible with minimal veg period. so 2-3 gallon pots are out of the question but i would guess like 3-4 plants per square foot, maybe more
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  9. one more thing 1 word vortex the holy grail of exhaust system for pot growers but I also have a inline duct fan 449cm for intake hope this helps
  10. Acually for the size of ur box U could get away with a smaller light . When doing a sog or a scrog , the idea is to get as many plants as the light provides. Same with the size of the screen used in a scrog.
    400W= 3'X3' area
    600w=4'X4' area
    1000W=5'X5' area

    I also would be alittle concerned with the heat, even though U can vent it , if ur growing and the summer is coming ,thats another strike against ya.

  11. You certainly have that right! Nothing beats a VORTEX!!!

    A 400W will easily do a 4x4 area and 16 plants.

    To the original poster, in a 2x4foot area, you have 8ft2. Provided you use the appropriate pots or you use Rubbermaid bins and multiplant, you can feasibly do 16 plants if you crowd ‘em. A 400W HPS will be just fine for that.
  12. Thanks
    Pow how many are you planning on doing.
    I have grown plenty of times but never anything under 4 feet and usually has space between the plants, nothing like sea of green. like I said i was given a 1000w hps, should i make my space wider or not use a 1000w. Is it because the 1000w is too excessive?
  13. Sure I agree it will cover a 4'X4' area with a huge reduction of lumens The acual size is 2.9 feet square with good lumen coverage, for a 400W. The light has to be a certain distance from the plant to get the full effect of the lumens.
  14. Too close is not close enough. If you can cool the bulb with a suntube, you can get them right on top of your plants and that's all the better. Your 55,000 lumens at 1 foot are far more at a half a foot.

    A 400W HPS can put out as much as 55,000 lumens. Divide that by 8 square feet and you have nearly 7,000 lumens per foot. That's plenty. I've grown for many, many years and a 400W will easily illuminate a 4'x4'. Over the years, technology has just improved in both the ballast and bulbs. It's now even easier to light that area.
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  15. I agree with ya , closer is better , and the closer ya get to the light, the smaller the grow area gets. like a pyrimid.

    Now ur #'s 55,000 lumens
    3'X3' area 9sq ft= 6000+ lumens per sq ft
    4'X4' area 16 sq ft=3400+ lumens per sq ft
    If ur #'s R related to his grow area when ya used the # 8 to divide with, see my first post when I said the area was to small. The light wouldn't have been utilized. That all, so yes ur right , to a point. We may have been growing the same many many yrs. peace
  16. If you're going to use a 1000W lamp, I wold definitely make my space bigger. Only reason is that you're going to be wasting a lot of the light's output and thus burning money on electricity. Crank out more plants.
  17. Hey Dr.Doe,
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    Well damn it! looks like i'm just gonna have to buy a new light, I'm still gonna use the 1000w for now but I will probably adjust the size to 3x4. any ideas?
  19. Hey Dude just want to say A++ on the wife (in a respectful way).Brittany S ?? By the looks of it I 'd keep the wife.

    I didn't want ya to go out and buy a new light. Just wanted to give ya some facts and let U decide what ya wanted to do. Everyone situation is different, don't let anyone tell ya there is only one way.Take peoples advise and go check it, thats my advise to U. Hope it helps .
  20. It's cool. I was planning on buying a new one anyway but it turns out that i'm going to be tradeing it for a 400w from the same friend.
    Now i can make it smaller and more discrete, any ideas?

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