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  1. Hey, I’m planning on setting up a grow room I’m my closet, and I’m trying to get maximum yeild for the space, which is about 3’ x 6’. I’ve decided to grow a Sea of Green and I’m confident that I will have the time to take care of many plants. But I’ve never grown a sea of green and I’m wondering how many plants I should fit into this space. Also, I’m having trouble selecting strains to grow. Since the plants don’t have very much time to veg, does it matter if I choose a compact strain or a tall strain? Thanks in advance for any answers

    Disclaimer* I’m not actually planning on setting up a grow room and anything that I say is fiction.
  2. The best sea of green setups I've seen are done on a table. You don't want to be crawling around on the ground when you are dealing with plants that are so short they don't need all the headroom for light distance.

    A table on wheels is best with a plastic tray on top about 6" deep. Drill a hole in the center bottom of the tray and connect that to a pump that sits in a plastic container res under the table. Drill a second hole an inch down from the top lip of the tray and run a return line down to the res. With the table on wheels you can move it around so you can walk all the way around it.

    The pump kicks on for 5-10 minutes twice-three times a day and floods the tray. When the pump shuts off everything drains back into the res. Known as a flood and drain system. Fill the tray with hydroton gravel and use rockwool cubes for the plants.

    The plants can either be grown with no topping at all at 4 plants per square foot or you can veg them an extra week and top each plant once. Then you run 2 plants per square foot.

    You'll have to experiment with what strains and veg times are best. I haven't actually ran one of these setups I've just done my research about maybe setting one up.

    When you harvest you simply pull all the root balls out of the gravel, wash it, and replant the next crop.
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  3. Thank you for the advice
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  4. The best way to keep it cycling fast is a separate veg room with a near identical but slightly smaller table probably with lower power lights like t5ho's or leds.

    Fill the table with rockwool cubes. If you pack them tight you should have room for a couple of mother plants. You can hand water them or do a similar flood drain system. You have to time it right so they're rooted when the budding plants are done and ready to transfer.
  5. You can do a setup with 9 plants per sq. ft. using 4in. tree pots. These are used by nurseries for starting fruit trees. They are 12in. deep and work very well!

    The technique is to veg for the seedling stage and then flip to bloom, in about 3 weeks. You'll get one really nice cola per plant. 9 per sq. ft. 162 from your 3 x 6 closit.

    If uou only get quarter oz. per plant that gives you 40.5 oz. per grow. You should do better than that.

    I think it helps to use plants all of the same strain unless you know that all the strains you use grow at the same rate and have pretty much the same growth habits.

    A 8 tube tho will do ok.

    Good luck!
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