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  1. When seed banks say a seed will produce 300g per square meter does that mean the plants them selves have to fill in a square meter or my pots have to be arranged in a square meter

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  2. So if you take the time to veg your plant indoors, and train it so that it has an even canopy, by the time you are ready to harvest your branches and flowers fill a meter sq area, not your potters.
  3. Sorry forgot to add the seeds are autoflower

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  4. It means a square meter full of plants. It has nothing to do with your pot configuration.
  5. Still means sq meter of foliage
  6. Autoflower and sea of green really dont work either, clones and sea of green do as you are basically growing colas only, which can be pulled off in a tight spot, ie; 4 plants in a sq foot each yielding 15 to 30 grams.

    Perpetual garden and autoflower work well.
  7. Yeah, a lazy SoG won't work for Autos. Granted I am trying my hardest to pull one off in my current grow that is listed below. As far as answering your question. It is Per Square meter of Plant. Which is about 12 Square feet is always how I figure it. I have never had it confirmed, but I always go Per Square Meter Per Thousand Watts. 

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