Sea of green vs 1-2 monsters

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by thehazzle, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Hey guys new grower. Just wondering if any of you with more experience can help clear a few things up.

    Am I right in thinking cloning and having a sea of green of about 9 would yield more or at least faster turnover than just growing 1-2 monsters in a 1mx1m space?
  2. Yes because you are supposed to run veg light cycle for less time when doing a sea of green, and then you skip the germination/seedling stage on the next run using clones.
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  3. well I have two 4x4x6.5 tents. I have a rotation set up now where I'm harvesting every 3 weeks or so. I basically clone the plants I like, keep the clones going till the get big, veg veg veg. Once I have room in my flower tent I swap out a done plant for a vegging plant. STill trying to figure out the timing though, as right now I have plants that have been vegging for over 40 days and I have had to top one about 16 times to keep it low lol.
    Essentially I started one flowering, and staggered the next 3 plants so that way when I pull out the 3, I have 3 more to put in right away. Then I'll pull the one in 3 more weeks, and add another 1 in.
    Hope that makes sense, I haven't smoked yet lol.
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  4. i only grow 1 or 2 at a time. usually harvest, smoke for a few months, then when im starting to run low ill start a new grow and usually stay smoke free while theyre growing.

    but yeah for turnover you'll definitely want to have a bunch of smaller ones and clones as well. its seeming like having 2 seperate veg and bloom tents with a clone station using a dwc type system is really fast for doing perpetual grows
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  5. With more plants you can veg shorter times and clear more crops per year which is ideal. And if you mess some up you aren't devastated the same way you would if you only had 1 or 2 plants.

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  6. Seems the best idea for a noob. Can just grow without having to massively train them too and also can play with a few different strains vs 1-2
  7. @thehazzle hell yeah man! When I was a noob I tried the low plant count, big plant method, and sometimes it would work and sometimes I would get screwed over by some little mistakes. The first crop that I switched to a sea/screen of green I still made a few mistakes and lost a couple plants but it didn't even matter that much.

    I always liked having a variety of strains too so it worked out for me that way.

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