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  1. Ive ben considering buying a supercloset and just realized thier full of shit and not worth it at all . I know what i need to do to do it myself but i could use some help. Ive seen alot of stoners take thier time to help out random stranger with a whole catalog of supplies and set up plan . Im going to try and buy a huge deep storage cabinet . And try to do a sea of green / shelf growing . Where would light placement be best .?
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    When you say shelf growing im assuming you mean multi levels or plants in one box. And in that i think some sort of pot light system with venting built in to pull air from bottom to top would be best. And in my honest opinion you could probably get more yield out of 1 or 2 large plants with allot less maintenance then say 15-30 little plants. also less time cloning or less money on seeds.
  3. Thank you hemptation i really apprieciate it . I should be using a full closet instead but space is an issue . And ive heard with shelf growing / sea of green , is that done correctly you end up harvesting every two weeks ,
  4. And i know all the basics such as ventilation as mentioned and circulation and humidity and the whole nine yards
  5. This is true u can get the perpetual going and have your plants spaced 2 weeks apart. But in such a small space (such as a box) your going to have allot of plants to care for and there going to be not so easy to reach unless you maybe had a door on each side of the cab. 
    All my point is you need to spend on avg. 20min to an hour with each plant each day (trimming, watering, clearing soil, testing, and rotating in the cab). if you have say 6 plants in each tier and you want them spaced 2 weeks apart you going to have 3 tiers for veg (clone, 1-2 week and 2-4 week) then depending on bud time another 3 or 4 tiers for flower(4-6, 6-8, 8-10  which is 60 day flower time then if its over poss more) Auto flowers work really well for sea of green but they are a pain to clone because they just want to flower all the time and you could go that route and skip the veg portion but then u will be buying seed constantly. The amount of work / time you ll have to put in to care for the amount of plants just wont be worth the yield. 
    I run 3 plants. 1 in clone 1 in veg 1 in flower, 2x2x4 box Scrog. the clone goes right into its pot from the cloner and start the scrog in veg i pull just over a Q/P for 1 plant on a 400 watt light with under 2 hours of attention everyday. I pull once a month. If you need more then a QP in a month you really need to slow down on you smoking. I pitch most of mine out to close friends. And you can tighten that sechedual down to a QP every two weeks with the addition of a 3rd 2x2x4 room. 
  6. I understand . Ive come to the conclusion that im going to get one or two decent size grow tents . And do what you suggested but on a little bit of a larger scale but not much . Id like to average a half pound a month .

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