Sea of Green (SOG) Questions

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MrSmoke, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone. I was hoping to get some input on a planned SOG grow.

    1. I've seen other SOG journals using 3" pots for flowering freshly rooted clones. I plan on using 6" square Air Pruning Containers (RootMakers) - 1 Gallon Each. Good/Bad idea?

    2. Disregarding light, strain, etc, how many clones can I safely fit into a 46"x20" cabinet? If I place them all right next to eachother, I can get about 21 in there. Would placing them all next to eachother be a bad idea, or should I stagger the pots so there is a space between them?

    3. What is an "average" yield per plant in a SOG using a 1 gallon container?

    Thanks all. Yield isn't my primary goal here. I'm just trying to grow a lot of different strains and harvest every 2 weeks.
  2. if you're awesome, and have a good yielding strain, you can get an ounce out of each gallon bucket with little to no veg time. A good harvest would be at least 14 g's per bucket.

    keep them tight together and do not top them. the goal is to get one nice cola off each plant

  3. Sweet, thanks for the input!

    I went ahead and bought 20 1gallon square rootmakers, and two of those 18 cell propagation trays. I researched a lot of the other "air pruning" types out there, most were those bizarre looking round pots or bags of some sort (root trappers).

    Those smartpots and air trapping pots would create humidity issues for me, so I figure a solid container would work the best for my cabinet.

    Hopefully they are as useful as I hope! Well see :)

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