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  1. If someone wanted to grow sea of green in a 3x3 tent under a 600w light what would be an ideal pot size? Would a 7"x7" 1.6 gallon square pot provide enough room for roots to achieve a good harvest? That would be 25 plants in a 3x3 tent. The goal would be to maximize yield in a 3x3 tent in the shortest amount of time. Once the clones rooted they would be vegged for 5 days and then flowered. Would this work, please, anyone who's done it.... thanks...
  2. bump, asked this question like 3 times, googled extensively, can't find or get an answer on ideal pot size for SOG
  3. You can do anything from 4 party cups per sq ft, to to 1 gallon containers. 12/12 from clone plants don't get a very big root ball. Anything over 1 gallon is wasting space, IMO.
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  4. yeah they have those up at our local hydro store, what size would u use in a 3x3 tent 600w hps, co2, island sweet skunk clones, to maximize yield in that space?
  5. in soil ff ocean blend
  6. MJ roots tend to grow more downwards than outwards and so last longest in taller pots. Square pots aren't good for pot plants, except for keeping small mothers. Imho the best shape for flowering pots (probably vegging as well) is with a height that's roughly 1.5 times the width. 10"x15" containers can support a hundred days of growth.

    You could take that even further in a SoG operation. You could make 8.5"x15" square pots.
  7. Also, my plants will only be growing for around 60 days.
  8. those pots look perfect 7x7x9 is 441in3 should have plenty of room
  9. 1 gallon should be perfect. You can fit about 32 in your grow space. My area is 4x2 so almost the same. Because they're soft sided you can fit more in than regular round plastic pots. I'm doing a comparison grow with them and my plants in the smart pots are taller and healthier than the other plants in plastic pots. I'll post final yield when I harvest. They're supposed to yield 15% more.
  10. I love smart pots, I'm using 1 and 2 gallon pots in my 3x3 tent. I don't think a plant with only 5 days veg will ever fill up a 2 gallon pot with roots, but the larger pot means you can water less often. The 1 gallon smart pots dry out fast late in flower, especially if you keep the humidity low.

  11. You'll be fine.

    I use 6x6x7 sq pots with clones 8"-10" tall at the flip. I veg for ~2 weeks though. I only packed them as tight as you're planning the first time. LOL But that's something you'll work out as you go along.

    With only a 5 day veg, the 1 gal might be better, but no big deal either way.

    BTW, I've done business with that vendor, +1 for them.

  13. The best sea of green setups I've seen are on a flood and drain table full of gravel. The plants go in 6" rockwool cubes on top of the hydroton. You can fit 4 per square foot like that. Flood the tray twice a day put the res under the table. Put the table on wheels so you can move it to walk all the way around it.

    Once harvested the root balls are simply lifted from the gravel bed and the gravel is rinsed clean for next crop.
  14. That sounds very interesting and easy to fabricate aswell do you have a web address I can look up to look into this
  15. No but it's a very common setup. I'm sure you can find an example. Just look up flood and drain table or ebb and flow.

    You put a drain hole in the bottom of the tray on the table connected to a pump that's in a res under the table. When the pump kicks on it floods the table. You put an overflow line an inch or two down from the top lip of the tray that drains the excess back to the res. The pump runs for 5 minutes or so and fills the tray. When the pump shuts down the whole tray drains back down to the res through the pump fill hole in the very bottom. Run an airstone in the res.
  16. it's kinda like a "half hydro" system. Hybrid drip irrigation/hydro? ...that's interesting as hell. Oh no....down another rabbit hole I go
  17. Throw that shit out. Coco coir with liquid nutes gonna keep your perpetual up to speed. Only thing is you gotta water 2x a day in 1 gal pots. But you will never buy ffof again.
  18. I would use 1 gallon fabric and you can put 36 in there and if you get only a half oz each still that's 18 oz but you might get oz each. Man that would be more than a gram a watt a good bit

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