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  1. I am planning my first grow and the Sea of Green method seem like it would give me a fast and big yield if I don't mind doing the work. I plan on doing 4x4 grow box with a 400 LED light. I hear average of 1 ounce a plant if I don't mess up. Any suggestions on a grow box? I don't think I need insulation because of the LED light doesn't produce heat. What exactly is a reservoir? I was thinking about using Coco Coir as my soil, good idea? Any hints or tips would be great! Sea of Green explanation not required but it'd help!
  2. Sea of green many small plants even canopy I'm not ok with LEDs to pricey but not my grow

    Reservoir is we're you keep the water solution and or catch the run off depending what your set up is mostly for hydroponics or people who have many plants or don't have the time to mix that much food all the time

    and 4x4 is a great size and you still need an exhaust for your room an should be able to create a vacuum in the tent to draw in fresh air oh and a fan for moving the air around

    Soil I'm partial to fox farms ocean forest my self good stuff never used the other
  3. So I don't need a reservoir if I have time to mix all the nutrient in the water? I wasn't really sure if I were gonna make a box or what, could you draw something up and take a picture for me? Or should I buy a tent? Where would the exhaust lead to, outside? by fan do you mean like regular fan?
  4. Before you go much farther, OP, there is something you might want to think about.

    I dont know if it is, or not, but if this will not be a 'legal' grow, you may want to reconsider SOG. Just my opinion. On the off-chance that you do get busted, it would behoove you to limit your plant count.

    If its legal, then carry on.

    Yes, you will need a normal fan just blowing air around the room to keep it circulating.

    You can vent your exhaust fan wherever you like. Outside or into another room. What works for you will totally depend on your personal situation.

    You will also want to make sure you have some way of scrubbing the smell unless youre cool with your entire house wreaking of it and potentially outside the house, too. Those ladies are gonna get stanky during flowering.
  5. We are moving in a couple months so i don't know what the room looks like at the moment, might be an apartment, don't know yet. So tent or build your own box? How much are the vent fans?
  6. Oh bro I bought my first tent and built my flower tent and if you build it its so much cheaper I think I spent 50 bucks for the whole thing 1x1s for the frame and its a dollar a foot for the plastic at my grow store

    My fan an filter was 130 from amazon an it's a 440 CFM so it sucks Or blows which ever way you point it lol
  7. Is it more of a tent or is it a box? Sorry it's hard for me to visualize without it being in front of me. How many fans do you need? One with carbon filter shooting out and one sucking air in?
  8. Oh and do I need a CO2 thing?
  9. Sweet i will check it out
  10. Yep he's right everyone here likes to answer questions that's why we log in but some readi g on your part is required lol

    Anyway my flower tent that i built is 5ft w 3ft d and 6ft tall internal frame and Mylar plastic wrapped around it white in black out not racist as it sounds lol

    My tent goes in the tent filter ducting hood ducting through the tent 440 fan on the outside of the tent ducting window and that's the exhaust

    Intake 2 240 booster fans on the same side and at the bottom one is pulling from the room and the other is hooked up to my central air and at 1000 watts its 75 to 77 and lights off is like 68 or 65

    Isolating fan in the corner mounted on the frame at ground level
  11. Can you grow a 4 or 5 plant set up in a tote as a resivoir, in sog method?
    I know sog is to grow a lot of plants, but my grow closet space is 3x4 and i only want to try and grow four plants then start cloning.
  12. Yep you got the room how tall though might be the only problem

  13. I have a my grow set up posted in some threads on here. You should go check that out. My grow box from the top of the box to the top of the resvoir in the grow box measure about 51" Also here s a picture of the boxes, and instea of two theres going to be one more tote stacked on top..


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