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Sea Of Green Method.....HUH????

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by herbalthumb, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Can someone please explain the SOG method in a form of "how to for dummies" cuz ive done hours of research and still dont understand it.....ty
  2. lots of small plants that will be harvested mainly for their production of the top flower (cola) only. Any lower production yield is justa bonus. SOG was popular before people started to understand what you could do with the same space and less plants by using a screen to keep the canopy at an even level. In a SOG you use lots of clones all the same age and size to produce a blanket effect or even canopy. The plants are kept young and short and flower after only a few weeks of vegatation
  3. in before the move but..........whats the general feeling on which is method yeilds the most, i know it depends on space and grow design, but is a couple of verticle plants better than sog?
  4. So far the mothod of progresion of yield in small spaces has gone from vertical to SOG to ScrOG
  5. Check out this thread

    If you read the whole thing, you'll be an expert haha.
  6. Interestingly, SOG and training methods like scrog or LST can end up yielding close to the same, per square foot. SOG crams a lot of smaller plants into the same space that scrog or LST would use for fewer plants.

    Benefits of SOG are:

    1) Speed. With LST or scrog you get to that bigger yield by those fewer plants veg out longer, but with SOG you go 12/12 from very early on and are focused only on the main cola. For this reason SOG is often preferred for big commercial ops that are set up, run a big op, and take it down as quickly as possible.

    2) Perpetual grow. If you want to run a perpetual grow then SOG is a great way to do it. You can set up a flower chamber and stick clones in there at staggered intervals so you always have something to harvest every X weeks, anywhere from one plant every 4 weeks to a big number of plants per week, you can scale it up or down to suit your needs.

    Downsides of SOG:

    1) Less practical if you're starting from seeds every time. Can be done, but cloning is the first step among most of those who SOG.

    2) In some U.S. states penalties are calculated based on number of plants rather than on weight, so SOG could expose you to stiffer penalties.

    3) Not the best approach for all strains.

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