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Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by Dread Petie, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I have a 48x48x80 tent wondering how many plants can go in that space under a,600 watt hps. Also what type of training can I do to them? I'm in my second week of flowering. And will u get a better yield in two gallon smart pots? Oh I have 25 plants currently in the tent
  2. Your light will cover up to about 10 sq ft properly, the size/shape of your pots will determine how many will fit. If you want to do a SOG then no training necessary.
  3. Round two gallon smart pots
  4. I have 8 plants in 1 gallon bags 12 in 2 gallon bags and 5 in 2 gallon smart pots
  5. 25 plants flowering under one 600 hps? Why would you do that? If you ask me thats a lot more work for no/ or very little more bud. I mean I guess it could be a cool experiment? idk... im interested in seeing the results.
  6. Dread, If you have a separate veg room or a cloning room I would go with a SOG, I think 25 is doable, I would go with square pots to take advantage of more of your table.

    It sounds like that is your only tent though. If that is the case I think a ScrOG would be a little better fit for you. more veg time and you can switch up bulbs from MH to HPS.

    Also are you going hydro or soil?? cause watering 25 pots in a tent is gonna be a pain, especially in the smaller pots.

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