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SDHB anorexia paraganglioma GIST nausea Insomnia anxiety disorder depression

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mcs, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. This is my first post about Medical Marijuana. I am a 54 year old woman who was recently diagnosised with the same extremely rare cancer that killed my father and my father's only sibling, my aunt Ann, my father at age 45 and aunt Ann at age 57. I'm in the middle of dealing with this cancer. There is no cure to date. I watched dad die of it as a child. It is an inheritable cancer which also brings my children into the equation. I choose Medical Marijuana at this point because there are no effective medications (and those that have a 3% chance of working are $8,000 a month (makes marijuana look cheap). I obtained some trial amounts to experiment when tumors appeared in my liver and my usual means of eating, functioning, laughing was a Bud Light. But for a time here I'm not allowed alcohol (not good for the liver) thus I asked my doctor about a card (I live in Oregon) which was no problem. I like to know the whole process so I'm learning to grow the plants from seed, distill into a tincture and have gotten advice and free samples from our local dispensary.

    My cancer is called Wildtype GIST/Paraganglioma or Carney Stratikis Dyad or uncurable.

    Thus where could I turn to help with eating and sleeping. Our dispensary gave me some Hash Oil to take orally at night for sleep. It has helped (although sometimes I don't wake up as early as I like which would be a problem if my "boss" wasn't my husband (we own a business together out of our house for 30 years).

    I'm looking to see if anyone else out there is trying to learn this medicine's properties for my cancer, SDHB mutation, and might be able to help with what might be the better strains to use and processes to obtain the MM out of the plant (I'm not after any "high" I'm only after being able to eat, gain 20 pounds . . . lost during surgery and the weeks recovering . . . and sleep well at night.

    The most amazing discovery about MM for me was that for the first time I slept through a night without waiting up every hour with incredibly violent dreams. The marijuana actually took away my bad dreams and let me sleep (the opposite effect I was expecting and I am very happy with the fact the MM did work that way for me).

    My purpose on this site is to learn the whole growing process and then try to correspond with someone with cancer and see how they have learned to handle their own food, sleep and anxiety issues.
  2. Welcome aboard...I hope you can find the information that you're looking for...first thing I'd do is check out Granny Storm Crow's list stickied at the top of the forum, she's got so much information on the therapeutic effects of MMJ it's not even funny.

    Best of luck!

    and welcome.

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