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    So I just picked up an old phone of mine from 4 months ago at the cop shop and there may have been illegal photos on the sd card. The sd card is gone and not sure if the person who found it took it, or if the cops have their hands on it. They may have placed the sd card in one of their phones (who also have android) to see if they could find the owner.

    Are there legalities against this? Should I be worried?
  2. You're good man
  3. Would it hurt to call them back and ask if there was also an SD card? I'd prefer to have it back.

  4. I'd definitely just let it go...

    And yeah, photos of illegal shit can fuck you over.
  5. wth is a cop shop?
  6. Depends what you mean by illegal, as in illegal to possess or pictures of illegal activities. We need more info OP.
  7. If there's pictures of you partaking in illegal activities then you could probably be charged with something, I'm sure of it.
    But if not, go get it back!
  8. ^agreed with above, did you take pics of some nug or a gangrape? It matters.
  9. Lol campus police station. (or any police station)

    Pictures of growing canabis plants which in my state is illegal. This is mostly what I'm concerned about. There may not have been any, I cannot recall. But there is a chance of a few..
  10. Yeah it depends what you took photos of whether they'd follow it up or not.

    I don't even know if they're allowed to do that, but chances are if they haven't said anything up until now and they've given you your phone back I doubt they had the SD card man. But at the end of the day tons of wannabe kids have pictures of weed on their phones and shit, so as long as it's not something more serious or you're actually in the photos, I'd say you're good.
  11. Nope, just a couple photos of my setup/plants. Possibly where I've hidden it but I would assume it's either illegal to take the SD card or to deny me it's return if they have it. I'm not sure why someone would turn the phone in without the card unless they themselves were interested in it's content. So frustrating though.

    The cop that released it and had me sign for it was very strait forward. I had an acquaintance (cop) who walked in and we chatted for a few moments. Nothing out of the normal from her. He seemed semi hawk eyed...however I was just coming off a high so perhaps some level of paranoia was settling. :D
    PS..Im not from MI lol.
  12. If they don't have your adress they can't do shit. If they have it they can easily fuck you over but why would they go through your pictures?
  13. No idea, she removed the back of it to pull a strip back and access the battery. That's how they called verizon and had them call me. My address was given when i picked up the phone, normal procedure. The unviersity also has a copy of my house address which is public information

    Just hypothetically speaking. Who's to say I wasnt in a med state snapping the photos. Or in another country.
  14. You cant get in trouble for it. But they may watch you if you had some illegal photos. They cannot go through your stuff without reasonable suspicion and gain evidence against you
  15. Thanks Dro man. I know I've read up on this kind of thing in the past but didn't really find an answer looking today. I'm not worried about people watching. Watch all you want you wont see nothing :)

    As long as they cannot get a warrant to come into my home I'm not worried about it.
  16. Yeah, I mean worse comes to worst, the pictures may allow them to get a search warrant to your house, but I mean the whole thing is very farfetched. The cops wouldn't take your memory card then give you back your phone back without the card only to track you down a couple weeks later for having suspicious photos. You're just paranoid man haha...
  17. I doubt anything will happen, but in the 1% chance it does; Deny, deny, deny

    You didn't take those photos, and the person in the picture isn't you.

    Pictures aren't solid enough evidence, plus I'd imagine you can slam them for seizure of property without notice (returned the phone but seized the SD card). You can say they stole confidential information for a patent on the SD card or something. They had no permission to go through your PERSONAL cellphone because of privacy issues.

    Omega369 :wave:
  18. Are you being followed? Look out of your windows, is anyone staring back at you with binoculars? Is there a suspicious car outside on the street? Did someone just knock on the door and say "Police"?
    If not then you are good
  19. dont alot of phones now a days imbed gps info in the pics they take? or im wrong
  20. Yeppers, EXIF data.

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