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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by blazinsince13, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. wassup guys im high as fuck right now so bear wit me. i just picked up quarter of some regs from this jamacian guy. it came in a brick form, and it is plauged wih seeds. Now im thinking, i have an outdoor place that i think would be nice to grow. could i use these seeds to plant? also, if i just plant it then leave it alone for all of the growing wat are the chances of it actually growing and me bein able to smoke it. im a total growin n00b
  2. Well ive never grown outdoors But im pretty sure that you have missed your window to plant this season. But as far as shwagg seeds go, as long as they weed wasnt so bricked that it busted them open then they will be fine seeds. Just because the weed you got was grown poorly, dried poorly, and then smashed into a brick:mad: doesnt mean there isnt a chance of some good genetics.

    Check out my journal(link in sig) and you can see what seeds from lower end weed can grow into, it can be done;).

    So yes you could grow with shwagg seeds, and no i dont think you should plant them outdoors this year.
  3. too late to grow now, try indoors with a stealth or summin
  4. i wouldn't grow out doors ever! I dont know what part of the world you live in... but I know people that have grown outdoors and their weed was ALWAYS dookie


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