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Scum's PC Grow - In Flower!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by scumperception, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. hey everyone.. i created a pc case this winter using all the valuable information i could find forum lurking.. i didn't copy anyone's design directly and made a diagram of the exact specifications of my box...


    if you want to see more pics of it, check out the thread i made for it in the DIY section of the grow room design forum...

    i started the thread to display the case and get suggestions, but it pretty much turned into a grow journal... so i decided to start a new thread for it in the appropriate forum.

    some specs that changed since i made the diagram...

    -there are now 2 exhaust fans and 2 intake fans. the newexhaust is above the other one and is flush with the glass divider which sucks the heat from the lights right out.

    -swapped the lights to 4 18w 2700k cfls. plugged lights into timer on 12/12

    -inserted a scrog screen

    -transplanted the plants into larger cups, more than doubling the amount of root space available.


    I started a bunch of random bagseeds in a jiffy greenhouse... kind of as an experiment and never expected it to actually work out.

    I had 6 strong seedlings and put them into the case under lights. after about a month, i realized that 2 of them were autoflowers, because one showed obvious male traits and the other started throwin pistils like crazy but they were still under 24/0 with 6500k lights. I cut down the male and it was down to 5.

    I switched the lights to 12/12 11 days ago.

    It started getting pretty crowded in my case recently, so i took one of the plants i suspected MIGHT be male and found a nice outdoor spot for it in a patch of woods. I planted it yesterday and returned today to find it dug up by some kind of animal, but still intact. gotta figure out some way to deter them pesky critters.

    So now there are 4 plants in my case. the tiny autoflower is about 4 inches tall and is just one fat nug. it will probably be ready for harvest in a few weeks, so that will clear out some more space. I'm hoping i can get away with fitting the three plants in the one case, but the screen is already starting to fill out a lot. I've had some of the plants grow right up to the glass divider, and have had to bend some of the stems in a U shape under the screen to keep the height down.

    So it's Day 11 of flowering and i'm starting to see some calyx development in one of the plants.. i'm still not 100% on whether they're male or female yet though. maybe someone can help me out? i'm pretty sure one is female, but the other one is more ambiguous and may need a few more days.


    Pic 1 is the case with all the plants in it.

    Pic 2 is a close up of the autoflower plant.

    Pic 3 is a close up of some of the new growth forming on one of the plants

    Pic 4 shows the crowded scrog screen

    Pic 5 shows the U shaped bends in the stems to keep the height down.

    Pics 6-8 show the (i'm assuming) calyx development on the three plants

    can anyone help me determine the sex through these pics? I'm pretty sure 6 and 8 are female but not sure about pic 7.

    THANKS FOR ANY INPUT GUYS, and stay tuned!


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  2. #2 Dr.HydroThumb, Apr 23, 2010
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    actually 7 and 8 look male 6 is too hard to tell but looks fem.
    thw setup is aweso e. a lil small for my taste, but we do what we can.
    keep up the good work.
  3. Dr. Hydro Thumb... unfortunately you were exactly right.

    both were fuckin males. i'm bummed. so now i have my one little autoflower girly and one other plant that is just starting to throw some pistils. at least now i know she's a girl.

    chopped both the males... now there's so much space in my case.

    i was actually thinkin of throwing the one plant back into veg to let it fill out some more... will that stress the plant too much? it would probably make it herm huh?

    on a separate note, i picked up a zip of some BANNNGGGIN strawberry cough and to my delight, found 2 seeds which i immediately germed and they are now healthy little sprouts.. i even came across another pc case and built a completely seperate stripped down version of my case design which i will upgrade later.

    i will probably use one as a seedling/veg box and one as a flower box.

    the strawberry cough seedlings are in jiffy pellets, but this time i'm sparing no expenses and pickin up some FFOF and nutes, even though the closest hydro shop that carries it is an hour from me.

    here's a pic of one of the bastards i axed yesterday.

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  4. lookin forward to seeing how this turns out. any updates?

  5. hows it goin man... sorrry i have been unable to update with new pics the last few days. i got a nasty virus on my comp and i'm in the process of reformatting and reinstalling everything.

    the grow is going very well actually

    i harvested the autoflower girl.. she was a whopping 1.2 grams dried. :devious: it's curing right now but it's such a small amount its probably not even worth it.

    my one remaining girl however is coming along great! she's filled out the scrog screen pretty nicely, even though i do really wish i vegged for longer. i was expecting to have at least 2 females in there so i cut to flower a little earlier than i would have had i known only one plant would be female.

    she's got 7-8 really strong budsites all throwing pistils like crazy and starting to frost up pretty nice. i've been alternating watering with discarded aquarium water and water mixed with shultz plant food 10-15-10 at half strength.

    meanwhile, my two strawberry cough babies are on their 2nd set of leaves and lookin pretty.

    i'll have pics later this week
  6. nice pc box. the glass in between the light was a great idea.
    where did you get the screen at or did you make it?

  7. i happened to find it just lying around outside..hence the bits of rust around it. i think it was originally a long wire shelf or somethin, but i just used bolt cutters to clip it to the appropriate size.

    ok guys sorry for the delay but here are some pics! my flowering plant is on 5-6th week of flowering at the moment and lookin great! i accidentally burned them a little bit early in flowering, so there are a few leaves that have some ominous looking spots on them, but they havent gotten any worse in weeks and all of the new leaves are looking lush dark green and the buds are fattening up reaaaal nice! overall i'm pretty excited that my first attempt at growing will yield me at least something. i dont wanna count my chickens before they hatch, but i'm thinking i might be able to pull like a quarter or so. if only i didnt have 3 males i would be much more happy with the outcome. oh well.

    my strawberry cough seedlings werent doing too well in my second case, probably because it was just a barebone case with lights and fans that i had in a corner of my room not getting enough fresh air. they both pretty much stopped growing and one of them started turning almost completely brown. thankfully, the weather has been completely amazing here for the past 2 weeks so i was able to put the healthy one in a 1 gal pot outside and i kept the sick one in a small pot right next to it. they're hidden among a few short plants that just cover up the pot from view. the healthy one is looking amazing and has reeeeaally stepped up it's growth in the past few days, but the brown one still hasnt really done anything and might be beyond the point of saving.. dont' really understand why. i dont have pics of the babies at the moment, because there's always someone either outside or in the kitchen at my house and i can only really go out to check on them at night.

    anyway... here is my pc case plant. all things considered, i'm happy with it.

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  8. judging by the buds and hairs, how much longer do you think before i should harvest? i used a 40x microscope to check out the trichs and i'd say almost 1/3 of them are cloudy already. i'm aiming for a heady kinda high, so i dont want to wait til they're amber.
  9. nothing? ok well here's a picture of my strawberry cough baby that i have outside. i just fimmed her the other day and it's starting to grow back in. we've been getting just enough rain that i havent had to water her much. last time i did water her was with a small dose of shultz 10-15-10 plant food mixed with used aquarium water.

    i also started watering my pc plant with molasses a few days ago and she appears to be fattening up more quickly than if i married her. still no real smell coming from the case too which is a plus.

    plus, i just acquired a seed from a friend that he was told was called "g39". i've looked it up and havent found anything about this strain if it actually exists, but nonetheless i've been told that it was some killer shit. we'll see how that pans out.

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  10. hmm.. ok so the fim didnt' take on the outside plant.. it just grew back with one growth and the leaves that i cut about 80% of the way grew back with the tips missing. are there certain strains that don't respond to fimming/topping? i had no problem fimming some of the indoor plants that i had

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