scummy or not?

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  1. so the other day i goto pick up a few bags of some nice ass shit.... we were getting 4 for 65 and i was pretty pissed cause around here an eighth doesnt even go for that, and this kid would sell shitty bags at that...

    so we go to this kids house and were getting 4 so he hands me a bunch of bag just puts it in my hand and says something like oh i have one left nice.... well when he put the bags in my hand i just had a feeling something was off but in a good way

    so we drive a little bit down after we meet up and i discover he accidently gave us 5 bags instead of 4... the bags feel tiny as fuck so i decide to take it back to my hosue and weigh it out

    he gave me 4 .7s and a .6..... now around here .8-1.0 is straight which no one bitches about.... so i think in my head okay im already over paying this kid for 4 bags and technically i should be getting an eighth for 55-60 TOPS... i kept the bag

    but is that scummy? cause technically he tried to short me and its his fault for dropping it

    idk i feel like a dick but justified in my actions
  2. He gave you them, you took them thinking it was the 4 you asked for. That's his mistake so by all means, take it as a gift from karma.
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    This is a tough one. However, to me, he fucked up. you thought it was 4, turned out to be 5. Not your problem, and there really isn't much you can do about it. Are you really gonna go back and give the sack back? Cause that seems to be what your askin. He already tried to short you so he's already a sketchy character. He certainly isn't gonna try to get it back, cuz that would make him look like a dick and a moron. Not much you can do about it other than to smoke it, and just sorta take it as a happy mistake.

    Personally, I wouldn't do business with him again, cause he won't make the same mistake twice.
  4. haha spice i get what ur saying, but ive know this kid for ever and honestly i think hes just retarded with selling weed..... his sacks go from anywher from .6-1.0 but this time he gave me the shit end of the stick.... if i had got 5 .9 i would have probably returned it on principle but the fact that i got shitty ass bags i thought of it as making up for the ridic prices and skimpy bags... smoked a couple fat ass blunts needless to say
  5. Lol bad karma on him maybe hes been shorting ppl and this is karma kicking him in the balls lmao
  6. yeah... and also i figured i got exactly how much it should cost for an eighth and then some so i was pretty much entitled to that last bag
  7. ahh well there you go.:hello:
  8. hahaha yaeh w/e but its reallllly nice shit so im prob gonna call him again except be like yo b4 u sell me that shit i want to make sure its str8 cause hes one of the only kids that has good shit and actually answers
  9. he might not have a scale and is eyeballin it if it varies that much

  10. naa i know for a fact that he has one cause hes sold me quarters before and ive seen him weigh it out in front of me .... hes just a retard when he weighs shit out or doesnt calibrate the scale probably lol but he does sell to a lot of younger kids so that may be why his bags are skimpy.... o well ive picked up from him since then and they;ve been .83 and ^
  11. Sounds like karma to me. The guy shorted you, so you got an extra bag.
  12. well shit dude, if you've known him for a long time then have a laugh about it next time you see him :p

  13. haha yeah i didnt think it was intentional of him trying to short me... hes just been getting a lil skimpy or isnt calibrating his scale right idk haha i actually picked up a quarter of some shit idk even know what it is but its fucking delicious :) never got so much keif out of so little amount of weed, its like my dream weeeed haha
  14. agreed.
  15. are you serious?

    4 .7s= 2.8
    1 .6=.6
    3.4 total.

    the original deal was 4 for 65, now if that was me IDC how many bags it was in, you agreed on 4 for 65 he owes YOU an extra .6 "bag"
  16. the fuck? SMOKE THAT SHIT YO

  17. i get what u mean... but around here straight dubs are .8 (fucking killer) so pretty much 4 bags is gonna be around 3.2 which is still pretty shitty for the price.... thought of it as getting an 1/8th so i dont feel to bad about it but it was greattttt shit haha

  18. ahaha hell yeah i smoked dat shit, rolled up a .7 for a headblunt for myself cause i coulda just given that bag back anyway so i told who i was with that it was mine (paid the most too)
  19. keep the baggie
  20. nah thats legit man, but say if he was a good dealer on the regular and i found an extra bag in what he was selling me id give it back the next time i saw him but since its just some kid who was overcharging anyway i say bad karma on his part.

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