Scumbags smashed my bong

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  1. What's going on blades, I haven't really been on the website much anymore but tonight I'm sitting around smoking the last of my stash and decided to recall a shitty occurrence the other night.

    I was with my best friends, one is a guy and the other 2 are female. We decided to just hangout and smoke out my newly purchased bong and roll some carpeting. We lay down our blanket and do our businesses and then decide we should walk around the semi-forested area with paths, we leave the blanket and everything behind and I didn't want to carry the bong because that would be retarded so I just left it there under a purse and blanket or something and I didn't think much of it because I was highh:hello:

    It was around 2-3 in the morning and we start coming down and heading back to our shit and we see some sketchy kids around our age. As i was walking down the path to the hill I could kinda feel something was up and I stepped on something and immediately thought of me bong.

    Then these kids yell "We smashed your bong!" so me and my boy just look at eachother and start booking ass towards these kids and ended up catching up to them easily, now at this point we didn't even know if this was true but I caught one of them and proceeded to ask him where the bong was, his friend comes over and then our friend comes and was pissed because they also stole money from the purse or some shit.

    At this point I couldn't tell you why we didn't pummel them or get in a fight, besides possibly the fact we were on unmentionables and were high, but these kids had more problems and we heard people saying they were calling the cops because I was pushing this kid and yelling at him and trying to egg them on to hit me so we had an excuse to just fuck these kids up.

    Anyways, we let them walk away and they started yelling shit back and we almost decided to chase them once more but decided to fuck it and walk away and went back to the spot to find my new bong with diffusion beads and a sick design smashed and their shit thrown all over.

    We ended up doing what we had left and it was still a great night for the most part. The next day at work I was pissed at myself for not getting any sort of revenge, but hey karma's a bitch and eventually should get back to them, If i don't find out who they are and piss in their gas tank.

    Fuck scummy people, I usually don't get angered easily but It did make me realize that some people just truly won;t amount to anything and have to satisfy their failures by trying to get others to their level of scumbaggery.

  2. Should of turned that kid's ass into a hat.
  3. should have, but we didn't. It would have been 4 v 2 anyways and they were still backing down, satisfying in itself.
  4. You did the right thing op.

    Those little douches lives gotta be pretty shitty to have to smash someones bong like that. If you woulda beat them up you probably woulda been arrested, or the cops would've been there and then your night really woulda been fucked.

    Lesson learned, don't bring a new bong into the forest when a pipe will do the same thing. Especially on unmetionables ;p
  5. Your bong must be mad at you for leaving it out in the cold so it committed suicide :(

    no but srsly, that sucks. If I were you I would have cause some damage. Cute off there dicks? lol
  6. Duuuuuude if those kids did that shit to me
    I'd make them dig they're graves. God dammit
    That pisses me off OP, my blood pressure is up now lol.

  7. As if them breaking your bong isn't a good enough excuse :rolleyes:

    Do you just let everybody in your life walk all over you like that?
  8. Being fucked up on shit can go for an excuse, I guess. They definitely deserved a beating, though.
  9. Really? Grow up, he did the right thing in the end.
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    The right thing is letting people destroy your items that you work hard for and not doing anything about it?
    Makes a lot of sense...
    I think you and OP need to grow up and learn how to stand up for yourself
    Although, at least OP admitted that he should have done something, and was even mad about it, I can't really say anything bad towards him

  11. he did do the right thing...but seriously, :eek: they smashed your new bong and your friends money. i would be whoppin' some ass...
  12. I'm not the least bit violent usually, but I don't know how I would walk away from that. +rep for being the bigger man

  13. They're are other ways of dealing with these people and physical violence would only inflame the situation. I know how to stand up for myself without sinking below their level and so dose the OP.
  14. Although the next day I completely regret not pummeling the shit out of these kids, not throwing the first punch definitely, in my opinion, was the right choice.

    I'm not going to look good talking to a cop saying that this 15? year old kid smashed my resin coated piece I left here while roaming on drugs in the woods. I didn't want to immediately involve my friend because once I throw a punch, I know he has my back and there's no point risking us going to jail or getting arrested for assault and shit.

    Karma will get back to them, if I don't.
  15. should've smashed their faces op, man it fucking pisses me off that 95% of the stories i hear where someone shouldve kicked some other assholes ass for a legit reason they dont
  16. I woulda kicked there asses. Lol but why would they smash it I woulda just took it,

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