Scumbags and cell phones

Discussion in 'General' started by Barack iBomb Ya, May 7, 2011.

  1. Yesterday i had gym (senior in high school) and nobody ever really locks up their shit because the locor room door is visible from the gym, and you'd see if anyone sketchy was lurking around in there. So after class when we're changing my buddy goes "haha dude give me my phone back" and im like "haha i didnt take it" then i checked for mine and it was gone..Some scumbag came in the back, the exit door must have been open and then just raided all the locors..Stealing my iphone 4 and 15 bucks from me and my friends blackberry; Just how could anyone do shit like that and feel completely guilt free after it? The world would be so much better without people like this, and i know i shouldve locked it but its something thats became a habit since fucking 7th grade. On top of it, i restored my phone a week ago and now it doesnt have the "track my iphone" application, or the passcode. Even if I had that chance, i wouldnt be able to do something like that. Pure dissapointment in how some people are fucking raised now a days.
  2. yea obviously they call them LOCKers for a reason
  3. Damn man that sucks
  4. So, wait..

    You actually thought you could leave all your possessions unattended and vulnerable in a place filled with snotty little kids?

    Sounds like you were asking for it.
  5. Yeah lesson learned but seemed dumb not to have locks on the lockers.. but that blows wish noone would do that shit.
  6. Material things man... Material things.

    That guy obviously needed it more than you.
  7. damn dude that blows, i remember having that happen a lot to the people i went to high school with in gym, i never really changed for class though, just domminated in whatever i wore that day :cool:

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