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Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by samster, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. My mate a gave me aqua lung tank last week thay are only £5 to get refilled is it ok to use this it got all the stuff will it regulator and tubes any help well come thanks guys
  2. Get all the equipment (tank, BCD, Reg) inspected by a professional. Once it clears you are good to go. Rather be safe than sorry in a diving situation.
  3. would it be ok to use in my grow room their was some left in it and got may self some hose to round grow room so is it fine to use for my plants as am not sure about the mixture thats pal .
  4. You trying to use this as a Co2 tank in your grow room? If so I am no help, lol sorry..thought you were looking to dive with it.
  5. Won't hurt but, the gas in a scuba tank is oxygen and you want co2 for enrichment.
  6. hay thank for taking the time to reply i ll do a bit more digging before i go ahead with it as i said i got it all for £0 thanks
  7. thanks man i ll look a bit more it to it be fore i use it i got it from a mate so it cost me 0 but thanks mate :cool:
  8. If it will accept a co2 regulator anotherwords you can screw the regulator on the fitting AND it passes inspection( it needs to have a inspection date stamped in the metal somewhere) they'll fill it for you. When asking on the phone refer H tank size fitting if the co2 regulator fits that is. Stnd co2 regulators are H tank size fitting. I have a co2 tank that is undersized. 7lb content. It passed inspection so they fill it. I've read that if it fails inspection there's an additional $25 fee..i read that on GC from a guy who bought his tank on CL
  9. yeh it has the regulator on it and a metal vlexy tube the guy at th shop asked me what size a tank it was but its stamped round the top and it in realy good order i would go as far and say its bran new nearly the tank stands about 2 ft and 29 in way reg on it as ive saiad thank for the input and help lads :smoke:

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