Scuba Diving with Sharks Stoned

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  1. Just thought I should share a story, I've told it countless times to friends of mine in person, I decided I should share my experience.

    It's 7:00 AM in the Bahamas gearing up to go scuba diving in a famous area called "The Blue Hole" a site where the infamous Bull Shark, Tiger Shark, and the lesser Nurse sharks all feed, this took place around 4th of July weekend, if any of you remember of my posts about my vacation to The Bahamas and Jamaica. If any of you are familiar with Atlantis: Paradise Island in the Bahamas, they are the ones who booked my wonderful journey.

    Anyways, my dive instructor called me around 7:30 AM to leave in about another half hour, at this point I had 2 joints rolled with fine jamaican grow buddah, I quickly toked with some random guy who was also enjoying the fine dines of Marijuana and jumped onto the scuba diving boat to begin my trip.

    At first it sucked cause I have to put all my gear together myself and I had some annoying bitch breath down my back while I slowly managed to hook up my tank, BCD, ect.

    We dove down and I was soooo baked that I got the feeling of being in space "5....4....3...2..." I slowly counted down in my head as I let the air out of my vest and made my slow decent down to The Blue Hole. At first it was just bubbles and dark blue abyss until I made my way to the sea floor, I followed my buddy to the spot and I instantly saw to my right two bull sharks swim by me casually as my dive buddy pulls out some fish to feed to them. I'm sitting there in COMPLETE shock at what is all happening, everything about it was crazy. The way I breathed, the way I moved about under water all while sharks where being fed merely 5 feet away from myself.

    I could do nothing but stare...I had NO idea how to react, about 5-10 minutes later 5-10 sharks appear around the area as well swimming about completely acting like we where just a normal thing feeding them food. You guys have no idea how crazy the experience it was, I did get VERY paranoid for knowing I am seriously doing this, I had to constantly check myself back into reality that I'm sitting 70 feet plus with sharks in the Bahamas blazed as fuck.

    About an hour or so passed by, time to go back up, before I did that I did a few under water flips and what not, and it's probably the closest to the feeling of being in space I've ever felt...I still can't get over the fact on now that I think about it there are so many more things I would have done, perhaps even had pet the sharks. But I didn't, oh well.

    All around one of the craziest and even a VERY scary experience, if your a certified scuba diver, you now what I'm talking about, with all the shit you have to remember.

    So that not even hour or so of my life changed my life forever, and I hope to do it again one day, thanks for reading!

  2. That's an amazing story. It would tense just being there with huge fish capable of making you a quick meal. Imagine the guy feeding them...
  3. i did the same thing less than a month ago when i went to Honduras!!!
    i was really hung over from the night before.
    so i toked about 3-4 bowls with my brother then we headed out onto the boat to check out a ship wreck that was a TRIPPPP!
    i know the space feeling aswell i thought i was alone on that!
    thats way tight though man.
    everything slows down so much underwater too me! good story tho man
  4. Once you get in the water with a shark, you realize you are in his domain. There's nothing you can do but admire.

    I guess I take advantage of living near the ocean, and experiencing these things. The ocean is a craaaaaazy thing- sober or not.
  5. And the drug agencies say smoking pot will make you lose ambition and melt into a couch. I bet not one of those fuckers ever swam with sharks.

    Sounds like that would have been a trip man haha. Now thats a story to tell the grandkids :p .
  6. that would be some crazy love to swim with sharks
  7. Dude.. sounds like a great story, however, what you did can be EXTREMLY dangerous. Having 3 different certifications, aslo working towards Divemaster, and diving for over 4 years now I can tell you that was NOT smart. Did you ever think what the effects of pressure whould do to you while intoxicated? At 70 feet your 3 atmospheres down in the water. Thats three times the amount of pressure all over your body then normal. Pressure greatly effects the way drugs react in your body. The effcts of drugs can be changed by pressure in unpredictable ways. SCUBA diving is an amazing hobby of mine, one of my passions and it is a great time as long as you always remember saftey first. You dont want problems in the water, especially psychologicaly...that can lead to panic real quick and then also put others in danger. I would not do that again....EVER
  8. so did it slow down your breathing or calm you? I have my advanced open water but I sometimes forget I'm under water and if something startles me or if I have low visibility I tend to breath faster.
  9. that is an amazing story...i love the fierceness of sharks..

    StillSmokin..I never thought that pressure could effect drug reactions..thats defintely a theory that needs to be tested..

    they should also test drug effects in space..of course they couldnt smoke or anything lol..but vaporize.

    how cool would it be to be blitzed in space..but if you couldnt do it, I would never go to space
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    I really need to get certified. Every year I go to Bimini for lobster I'm always thinking I'm going to turn around and see a huge bullshark behind me. People always through their cleaned fish into the water, so daily you will see 1-2 monster bullsharks that are atleast 7' coming through eating everything. At first I though having a Hawaiian Sling would do damage, but after seeing a huge grouper get spooked it sounded like a shotgun going off underwater, I couldn't imagine a huge shark flipping out.

    Atlantis = touristy, Bimini = Fishing and drugs.

    I live in shark bite capital of the world, if I'm surfing and see a shark I go cold and usually just paddle in depending how big it is, if it's a bull/whitetip/blacktip shark I'm gone. You're just like, fuck, thats not a dolphine :( . Spinners can be spooky too, they get in the waves and breech. My buddy just had a chunk taken out of his leg by one. Went to the hospital with one other person and cheifed the whole way there.
  11. I am certified but i have never gone stoned. I could only imagine the fear/joy combination down there. Gratz man on the great trip and its good that those sharks didnt get a whiff of that bud or they would have eaten you in a second.
  12. I must have dyslexia. I saw SCUBA Diving with Stoned Sharks, which would be wicked.:p:smoke:
  13. Yeah, sharks scare me like crazy... just because they're always in their domain. The ocean certainly isn't humanity's. It's all about respect.
  14. Yeah its trippy as fuck to dive with sharks. But your lucky you had a tank on.

    Last summer I went sailing up and down the Florida coast line and went free diving at every spot I could find. One of the spots I did some lobster tickling and spear fishing for dinner. I shot a red snapper and put him in my bag as I continued to dive for lobsters. Now imagine being 30 feet down with a dead bleeding fish, no tank, and 3 bull sharks swimming circles around you. Oh yeah and after you surface your boat is 100+ yards away, and the nearest land is 7 miles west. Now thats a scary fuckin feeling.

    All they did was try and munch on my mesh bag but still... that bag was attached to my leg.
  15. Rhythm. You are fucking nuts.
  16. Wow! You said pretty much what a dive master friend of mine said, he told me that he was extremely surprised that I didn't panic, which I did, but I know all the safety procedures and all so I tried my best to not worry. I was just so surprised with all the shit that was going on, I couldn't even react with barley ANYTHING but watch. When I did move around and did anything I would constantly think that a shark was going to sneak up behind me and bump me.

    Sharks can be gentle creatures if you respect them like any other animal, I didn't know you could feed the sharks fish without a problem, I thought that was a bad idea but apparently it wasn't. They where more focused on eating the fish then the guy holding it. OH and the biggest shark I saw was 9 FEET IN LENGTH! I'm pretty sure it was a bull shark, but I'm not too sure. That fucker was HUGE though, he only swam for a bit though then trailed off...

    And yeah, Atlantis is a BIG tourist thing, I was pretty upset with how expensive everything ended up being (The diving trip costs me $300) but all in all I had a fuckin trip.

    Rhythm...Your crazy...

    Get stoned next time you go. And if you haven't tried conk, TRY IT, it's the shit!
  17. thats a really good story i love to go scuba diving I have seen a shark on one of my dives but never as close as you have i enjoyed this story ++ rep
  18. awesome story, i have signed up for a scuba class to get certified and all that but am considering going stoned at some point AFTER i get certified and can go with a buddy instead of a group/class that way i can make sure its cool with who i am with, and ill be diving at the local lake, no sharks there lol

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