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    Not bad for 42 watts of CFloro and bagseed. I just give them a ton of fertilizer and hope for the best. Foliar feed everyday. Miracle grow 24 - 8 - 16 change to something better during flowering. One I chopped down because there was something wrong with it and theres two in that one cup. They all hAVe been topped since the photos. More pics to come.

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  2. So basically Schults liquid fertilizer is way better than the Miracle Grow 24-8-16 all purpose because the first pics are w/ the schults. these you can see where they have stretched and they aren't as healthy looking. I did switch to 12/12 the other day. Switched to Miracle Grow Bloom Booster 15-30-15 and Schultz 10-15-10. I use way more of that lil bottle of schultz than the directions say. Good fot foliar feeding unlike the miracle grow.

    I'm going to get some frosty frosty nugs to cure in my nug jar!:devious:

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  3. Been on 11/12 for more than a week still no pistols or pollen . Switching to 12/12 and trim again maybe stimulate them. Seen what looks to be pre - flowers on one plant looks male too , waiting for proof.
  4. they look weak man, make sure a fan is blowing on the leaves pretty good but not to too strong...
  5. Looking nice and green, they look kinda stretched though. Can you post pics of your setup with them underneath the lights? How many bulbs? What wattage? What kind of soil? Just trying to get a feel of what you got going.
  6. Oh and dont prune em up when they're in 12/12 man, will stress the plant from what i've heard.

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