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  1. who else watches? i love this show and watch it whenever it's on. hell, it's on right now.
  2. Good show.

    Edit: Elliot is hot in a unique way. I'd love to have her alone.
  3. you can stream most episodes off Movie6... thats how i get meh fix when its not on comedy central, which is usually is
  4. for real. i'd do some naughty things to that girl. naughty, naughty things.
  5. elliot in season 6/7 is damn fine.

    scrubs is great. is it still on, i thought nbc was giving the rights to abc?
    id love to see more about jd and turks new kids.
    i think their is potential for another season.:D.
  6. scrubs is my all time favorite show. it keeps my feet on the ground in a way. puts life in perspective ya know?
  7. Thank god. I thought I was the only stoner that loved this show. All friends could'nt really care less if its on or not. But I'm obsessed with it. And yes Elliot is hott. And Todd and The Janitor are tied for my favorite minor characters. They are just too funny. One on my favorite part with The Janitor is when he mines screwing off JD's head and he puts on his brooms and dances with it. Then JD's asks why and The Janitors like shrugs his shoulders. Man I could talk about this show and Seinfeld for ever.

  8. it does, it does.

    i think i relate to JD the most for some reason. maybe it's the fact that he's just himself.
  9. i started watching it for the humor, now the characters have grown on me and now its hilarious n i actually follow the story!!! same w/ the office though scrubs is much more emotional. n yeah!!! elliot is sexy in her own spastic klutz way! ;)
  10. i used to watch it everyday. i think i've seen every episode.

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