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  1. i was wondering if anybody here grows using scrog. I have read on it but can't quite picture how it works. If you could post a pic or send me a link to a pic, i would really appreciate it. i guess i am kind of a visual person.
  2. have a look at some of the threads here in the "indoor" and "pic post", sure you will find what your after.
    good luck
  3. Hiya SmokinSheet,

    Scrog is Screen of Green, what you do is veg your plants and train them to get alot of tops, getting them to about 16inches tall then placing them under a screen that has abour 3x3inch holes throughout then initiating flowering period with them (12/12) the buds will all start to develop and come to the top of the screen kinda sorta holding the rest of the plant down, therefor making it bushy and very short. Hope this helped you a lil bit.

  4. i have read alot about it. I just need to see it. If i can see it, i can duplicate it.

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