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  1. Can i start the scrog in flower period or is this too late ?
  2. Hi love. I never done a scrog as such . I do lst and/or topping and fimming. But i no ya plants will double in size in flower period etc but ya av to prune etc too so to be on safe side check on GROW TECNEQUES ?? Or something like that as there is a post forom section that cud help on ere. If in late veg than i sud imagine ya can but scrog normally as smaller plants growing in ya sceen and been trained as it grows... just check as dont want to advise ya wrong love xxx
  3. Maybe you can, it depends. If you LSTd your plant and it's only been flowering a week or two, maybe you could put a screen in and try to spread out all the growing tips onto a level.

    Got any pics or more info?
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  4. This is what they look like for the moment .. Im gonna start flowering in a few days .. They are pretty bushy so would you advise me to use scrog ?

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  5. Have you already flipped to 12/12? If not can you wait or is there a reason your switching in a few days?

    doob's first indoor grow
  6. Ive got a few .. Ive heard if the roots are coming out of the drainage wholes its ready to flower .. Second reason: since this is my first grow i want to strictly follow the instructions of my nutrient scheme . Im using plagrons batmix and alga bloom with green sensation . Third reasen: this is mainly sativa so this will stretch a lot ..
  7. If that strain stretches a lot then you definitely have a better shot at being able to bring up the tips to a even level. Not sure about the lower spots making it though and then they will get blocked off from light if they don't..

    From what I've learned, you want to usually keep tucking into the second week of flowering anyway and then let them go so it might be doable but I'd wait to hear from a few people with lots of scrog experience.

    If you don't get many answers here, check out the " post those scrog screens" thread you might find some good info in there or someone who can help.

    doob's first indoor grow
  8. You can scrog that if you want, but it'd be pretty pointless...

    Just use some tomato cages to hold the colas up, scrog next grow...
  9. Too late to scrog ? So you would put them into flower in a few days ?
  10. Hello,
    Have a look at my scrog...
    Only 75cm x 40cm, ànd now the more worry...only 25cm height left until cooltube with 250hps.
    I'm starting third week of 12/12, from two feminised seeds, critical 2.0 and libertyhaze. 4 weeks veg.
    My scrog is at 12 c from pot as I knew my height will be limited.
    Temp, hygro and PH in the soup ok until now.

    Should I remove the smaller stems to let enough space to bigger ones ?
    Should I continue ''knitting'' ?

    Pls help me.

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  11. Hello, 3 days later...

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