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  1. Hi Peeps!

    whatsup? I need some help with scrog. I understand how it works and all but I need some help with a few questions I have.

    1) Can it work with soil I have only seen pictures of it hydro.?

    2) I have heard it maximizes yield is this true?

    has anyone tried it?

    lemme know
    Thanks in advance

    Smoke on friends!
  2. I have 6 plants growing I guess as modified scrog.

    They were 12" when placed in Flower conditions and I built a chicken wire cage over them and am training the growth to lie vertical under the wire while pulling those stems that have preflowers though the wire.
    The plants sex sex are unconfirmed as of yet but I expect within a week I shall see what I have.
    I am using the bushest plants I have for this whereas the type that appear thin leafed are more suitabel for larger growth.
  3. yes it will work with soil, but no it doesn't maximise yield per plant, just lots of fat colas in a short space of time!
    good luck

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