SCROG with Magnets. Opinions?

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  1. Hello all. I'm using a BCNL Producer and I'm definitely going to scrog it (grow journal link at bottom of page). I'll demonstrate what I've done.

    These go on the outside of my box as a back for the magnet. They are held in place solely with magnetic force.


    These are the magnets on the inside of the box. They seem to attach with considerable force when they connect. I've glued hooks to each of them.


    This is what happens when I used a net that was a little too big for my dimensions


    I cut out one square and this is the result. A tighter net


    I think I already know the answer but I want to go with a tighter net, correct?

    What do you think of the magnets, is this a viable plan for growing with a scrog?

    My trellis hole size is 4.75" by 5.5". Too big?

    I am new to scrog but not to growing.
  2. Hey BumbaClat, I myself would use a solid screen.. That net is not going to do anything whatsoever.. Maybe if you could get a metal cage (screen) cut to size, something with a bit of weight so your plants cant lift it and somehow rest the metal screen on top of the magnets.. I don't know how strong your magnets are you might have to add a heap more..
  3. The purpose of the scrog screen is to kind of guide and hold your plants. As the plants get big they can honestly move mountains its amazing how much force they start exerting on the net. I think the magnets would be good when there young to train them down or wide or what ever the goal is. For a scrog screen though I think the plants are just going to move your magnets up as they want to.
  4. Hey Bumbaclat, I was looking over your situation as something that will be confronting me very soon.

    Taking the basic setup that you already have in place, are you familiar with split shot weights used in fishing?

    Soft lead shot, split down the middle to enable fishermen to clamp it anywhere on the fishing line they need?

    Using those with what you currently have in place would allow you to add and remove weight where needed.

    I'm going to look around and see what other folks with similar setups are doing and if I find anything promising I'll let you know.
  5. Thanks SCIndoor.

    I'm think I'm going to construct a PVC set-up.
  6. Agreed.

    The PVC setup you showed in the other thread seemed much more stable and safe for your ladies.

  7. And what will adding sinkers do??
  8. I think he recommended the sinkers to just weigh the plants down where ever you wanted said branch to go. I put some thought into this and a pvc screen with or with out adjustable height can be easy and affordable. Just take into account how far you have to span with the pvc and if it will need supports to help it make its horizontal run. I drilled holes and just laced it with string. Holds fine and you can cut it out when the grow is done.
  9. So I built my PVC screen. Here is a link to the page in my grow journal the that has more details and photos. Link

  10. Perfect!! Well done..
  11. If you did not glue the uprights you will be able to adjust the screen upwards if you need to. Great looking screen, I like it a lot.
  12. That is exactly what I did for that very reason! All the other connection points got two screws to hold them in place.
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    Much better mate, I have a scrog screen of very similar design. It's curved to match the lamp
    I know you can't see it too well but it has 4 legs,the plants lift the whole thing off the floor by a couple of inches by the end

  14. I just realised you have used cord there as opposed to my wire mesh. Not really a similar design after all lol
  15. Jetski, that is a stellar use of a small space.

  16. Can I ask why you used wire mesh instead of rope?
  17. The wire mesh was used to intertwine the shoots to train the shoots to sit where I want them to. So the plants is evenly spaced and catches as much available light as possible. For the plants to stay put they need to be intertwined with something rigid.

    I'm certainly not saying your cord idea won't work but as its not rigid the plants will likely pull it about and the shoots n branches won't stay put. I have never heard of anyone using cord before so it may well work ok, I don't know.

    How come you used cord instead of wire mesh? It looks a lot more work to put together, what's the advantage? That's an honest question, I'm not saying "mines better than yours" :)

  18. Thanks mate, that plant there was an old mother so already had lots of branching. it worked very well I think, I got slightly over 3oz off that and I only have one 125w CFL over it. Given the length of time the plant was vegetated it wouldn't be viable to replicate it regularly I don't think. but if several clones were used instead it would work well

  19. This is my first scrog so I'm just going on what I've read. Most of the tutorials I read listed string or twine as the preferrred screen material.

    LBH scrog tutorial
  20. I have never heard of it before. I made that screen back in 2006. Scrog was a pretty new method back then so maybe ideas have advanced but I see no advantage with the cord. For me and how I use it it needs to be rigid to do its job. Cord will 'give' too much for my linking. But I have never done it that way so maybe it has an advantage, I don't know

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