Scrog vs Traditional. What produces more yield?

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  1. What's shakin' all?

    Been growing in pots and soil in the traditional fashion for 12 years. 7 gallon smart pots, 3 600w HPS lights, 4-5 week veg period, 63-70 day flower. Plants get to be 6-7 feet tall. I use Nectar for the God's nutes and soil and have been doing great.

    However I've been thinking about trying a SCROG for fun. Is there a standard answer to the question "Which method produces the highest yield?" Or is this something that's argued about? Have any of you perhaps grown the same genetics using both methods? Should I try a SCROG or is the traditional way of growing just easier while getting the same or better results? THANKS!!!
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  2. The main purpose of the scrog is to flatten the canopy. By providing a flat canopy, it allows the best environment for flower setting height and light availability.

    here bro
    How To SCROG

    I yield much more doing a proper scrog, but more importantly, what I harvest is mostly all top bud (ie. the top of the plant is the best).

    This gif is from one plant.

    I extend my veg times to get the plants large enough, but that's all dependent on one's grow space and drive to grow monster plants :D


    This picture is to give you an idea of the harvest.

    But I still grow autos sometimes and those I would recommend just training.
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  3. I agree, scrog gets more buds.
    But, I just did a mainline outside this past summer,in 7-10 gal pots, best yet for me. Easiest and cheapest too. Harvest time is real easy with big buds. Check out timj 's mainline thread :thumbsup:
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  4. I disagree sort of. Yes with scrog you get more buds with little larf but the buds are a little smaller than letting plants grow without scrog which seems to get you less number of buds but the buds are bigger. I think the plant is going to give you x amount no matter what you do. It is their genetics. IOW if you weigh everything at harvest the amount will be the same either way so the production of total flower load is predetermined by genetics. Pushing larf into usable bud is increased with scrog but the buds are a little smaller in general.
    I COULD BE WRONG AND PROBABLY AM. I just have my grows to compare the two techniques. The bio mass seems similar no mater what. For me it is like getting two one hundred dollar bills or 4 fifty dollar bills. The amount is the same but more bills to get there. If someone has done an experiment and weighed the dif between the two styles of growing while keeping everything else the same, I would like to see that.
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  5. fwiw i only scrog indoors
  6. A scrog works fantastic in a tent where you have a height restriction. That's why I scrog. If I could grow 6-7 footers I probably wouldn't scrog. I've only grown 1 6 footer, and that was outside. But it exceeded the harvest on my best scrogged gal in a tent. Just my stoned opinion though.
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