SCROG uneven canopy during flowering

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    Hi guys, wondering if you could provide some input.

    My soil grown plants (from seed) were even going into flowering, but now almost two weeks in, the stretch has led to some big outliers and an uneven canopy all around.

    I’ve thought about yo-yos but I’m afraid the branch’s may snap due to the way i weaved the branches.

    What might my best option here be? Top them and lose the best bud sites ontop? Harvest in two intervals? Yo-yo and hope they don’t break?

    links in case pictures didn’t slot in correctly.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. you may need to use another trellis (ie. double trellis) and maybe a more rigid material.
    here's a thread I wrote on the subject
    How To SCROG
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  3. one strain all clones if you want a even canopy
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  4. similar to my set up I go with 2 nets.
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  5. thanks for the input. That’s what I was almost thinking except my trellis now is almost completely filled. If I added a second one, I don’t know how I’d be able to weave the larger shoots without blocking out other bud sites. Maybe I’m misunderstanding but aren’t my hands kind of tied or would installing another trellis just be to reduce the height difference between the canopy and the higher shoots?
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  6. Appreciate the insight! That looks like a high quality setup you have going. I’m a little confused though - if you aren’t using the second trellis to provide a flat canopy/minimize the stretch between the canopy and higher buds, are you just using it to support the upper bud structures? Thanks
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  7. My first go around making that trellis netting system. i didnt get the 2nd and third layers of netting in soon enough.
    Your right the plant needs to grow through the netting.
    Now at 4 weeks my Sativa plants are fiipped from veg to flowering and the plant is growing through the first layer of netting .
    Also you learn how big your plants grow in diameter .
    I can cut the PVC to any length I want, yes you have to grow the plants in through the netting.
    What strain you grow will dictate the trellis netting height and space of the trellis netting set up/system
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  8. oops double post.
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  9. I didn't lay my trellis this last time until ten days post-transition (12/12). I think I should have laid it down a little earlier, like a day or two, but it worked out.
    It depends on the stretch vs non-stretch strains, but yea, for the lankier plants, it's good to lay it down later. I just posted those pictures yesterday if you are interested in seeing them: Bato of the Systems
    but sometimes, I lay it too early, just got to work with it I suppose (like Tropicana Banana for example, in my albums)
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  10. Thanks for all the information guys. What exactly will installing a second screen do for me? Just provide support for the larger shoots? Would I want to weave these larger shoots as close as possible to the first screen? Just bought a 30 ft roll of screen so I’m thinking I’ll add an additional level as well as another one (3 trellis/screen in total). 2nd screen for additional support at the canopy potentially? 3rd (or second) for the shoots that shot up with flowering. Does this make sense? Sorry for the confusion but never had a canopy become so irregular with the transition to flowering.

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  11. The first lowest layer of trellis netting is not for support , its for training the 2nd and third layers are for supporting the plant.
    I don't care to weigh or tie down the outer branches on a small plant.
    so I use the first layer of trellis netting. I top my plant at the forth Nood
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  12. awesome thanks a ton for the input! Do you think the buds in the lower section will develop fine with me having to raise my light for the shoots that took off? I’m worried the light will be a little far from them (although supposedly the light distance isn’t too far).
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  13. I always want to add sidelights or underlighting to improve the quality of lower buds. If you can do this, do it! I've done it several times before and really like the results.
    I think strip lights would be best for this... in fact, I found these guys a few days ago. Might want to check them out too @Headhunterpipes
    *oh and order LM301H as those are the most modern diode.
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  14. Man just went down a rabbit hole on those light strips. Lol. Barina T5 4x10W strips for $54 doesn’t sound too bad. Can get them in tight with the plants and comes with all the cords, thanks again!
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  15. LED lighting is the most efficient ..... hands down... Buying CFL costs more to operate then quality LED grow lights.
    I assemble my own LED lighting components,
    Average cost to assemble your own LED grow lights is right around a buck a watt.
    Average watt per square foot of grow space is 35 watts.
    I have two 4x8 grow tents, 32 square feet each 64 cubic feet @ 35 watts per square foot of grow space equals 2.240 watts and 2.240 in cost.
    These are the boards rated @ 160 watts each They have gone down 20.00 bucks a board from when I bought mine.
    QB288 V2 Rspec Quantum Board – Horticulture Lighting Group

    you also have to buy power suppliers I will spec everything out for you if decide to Go HLG
    Might look into KingBright grow Lights they are less , then HLG
    I prefer HLG but its your choice ...
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  16. yes definitely premium goods! but I still browse around looking at ideal lighting ...
    like for side lights, I don't think I would need something too powerful nor expensive,
    and so earlier I was l browsing on Ali and saw these strips
    and I don't expect a miracle or anything, but those are waterproof and you can see many options for wattage, and I think something like this would work nicely. They are rated 2.3μmol/J.
    Add a couple strips per side to hit the canopy, maybe 25-50W per side... (link on picture).

    when u realize you are addicted to lights :p
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  17. No... LED and CFL does not penetrate the canopy like MH or HPS lighting
    I have no idea what lights you are using Right now, I don't know what size your grow space is ?
    Without knowing that Its impossible to know if you have the required lighting per sq ft of grow space[/QUOTE]
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  18. QB 3 FAR RED – Horticulture Lighting Group
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