scrog spacing with pics

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BB ScrOGdog, May 13, 2011.

  1. :confused:do my nodes need to be further apart?? this is og kush.
  2. no ..matter of fact it looks like it is time to switch light cycles .....

  3. I have had the lights 12/12 for 11 days now.... lots of pistils forming within the fingers. she is still receiving quite a bit more micro than bloom in the mix still. looking to boost up the bloom for a regular addback.

    but really though. are the nodes too close for budding out?? i have about 11 main nodes.... i've pinched them hopefully to slow the auxins to the taller nodes but i'm still kind of worried if they all catch up to each other the spacing would be off.... any help?
  4. nip off lowest/smallest 1/3rd ( you are worrying about light penetration, yes ? )

    OR stagger harvest .. cut of the tops a couple days early and the lower about a week late .. yes the later harvested buds will be slightly more "couch lockish", but even with just H2O they should bulk up some..and make it worth it .

    and you will almost always get some 'popcorn"..just save it for hash, butter, or joints..

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