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  1. Forgive my lack of knowledge, I searched the forums but could not find an answer.

    How does one determine the sex of the plant without having the male thoroughly wrapped within the screen? Is there a way to sex them before you start positioning, to get rid of those troublesome males? What's the best way?

  2. clone it , wait 2 weeks , put the clone into flower , wait 2 weeks and see if its a he or she , if its both(hermi) you will find out sooner or later!!

    some people will put the plant into flower for (I think) 2 weeks to tell sex then put it back into Veg , not to sure on how to do this just from what I have read here!!


  3. So the only way to know is to add an entire month to the cycle? Seems a bit excessive...
  4. fem seeds
  5. you either get femmed seeds or clones, or you suck it and see
  6. ya its a bit of a pain but I think its the only way , unless you have fem seeds and then you still run a risk of having hermi's( from what I have read here!!)

    are you just growing from bag seed?? what kinda grow are you doing?? do you plan on having 2/3 rooms for your set up ,cloning a mother plant or a SOG???
    or are you just growing a few and don't have alot of room??

    if your just growing a few and don't plan on cloning / or if there just bag seed
    put them into flower and hope for the best!!
    if you are doing a turnover grow or a SOG and these are good seeds from a seed bank then I would take the time and clones and then flower them to see what you have !! the wait is well worth it I would say!!

  7. If they are mature enough to be wrapping through a screen I'm pretty sure your gonna have indications of their sex by then too.. It will take a good 2-3 weeks for you to get them to the point of growing up to and through a screen.. that is about how mature they'll be when they show you their sex. But ya.. It does suck working with a pack of mixed seeds.. I'd recommend clones to be honest.. But if it's what you got.. then it's what you got... Good luck...

  8. These particular seeds are "White Lady" from The Sativa Seedbank in the NL, I got them along with some NL and some freebie Cosmic Lights from Dr. Chronic. I don't have very much room, but I might end up cloning if they look good.

    I have a good feeling about these seeds because I just put them 6 of them in to germinate two days ago, and yesterday afternoon 4 of them had already popped open so I had to hurry and get everything set up. I was expecting it to take at least a few days like it did last time.
  9. nice work!! 4 out of 6 is good for freebie seeds!!
    I have been working on my OP for 3 mths now and out of 300 seeds(old swag seeds)
    I have only had one root !! but I'm very hopeful someone will send me some soon!!

    I would go the cloning route too its a safe way and you will know what your dealing with and not wasting time on a male!!
    lots of luck

  10. So they will display signs of sex while in veg? Then my worries are unfounded. I haven't grown in forever, and even when I did it was only one grow and my results were decent but not anything to write home about. I'm basically starting from scratch so I figured I'd do it right this time.

  11. These weren't the freebies, though they weren't very expensive either, I think I paid maybe $30 for those max. The other two don't look bad either, I think one of them is about to crack too. I know you can wait up to 10 days sometimes to see them pop so I'm fairly optimistic.

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