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  1. Hi guys.

    Tell me what you think of my plants and setup I have going for my 3 week old plants (from seed).
    I've set up a scrog system today as I think I'm probably about 2 days away from the plants hitting the scrog.

    1 x 300watt led
    3 x 5watt 490 lumen spiral led
    1 x 224led grow panel

    I'm currently running a fan out and keeping Tempsford at 25oC. I need to get another fan blowing air in.

    I put ice in the bottom of the freezer and some frozen water bottles to aid temperature and helps with humidity.

    I water every 2 days or until it's dry 1 inch down. And I give formula x nutes every 2nd feed.

    Let me know if I'm doing anything wrong.

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  2. Nice. The only thing I could say is too many plants to scrog in such a small area. It will be more of a support system since there won't be room to work the plants out horizontally. They'll pretty much just need to grow straight through or you'll run into overcrowding fast.
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  3. Yeah I thought the same. I was thinking of moving 2 plants and letting them grow naturally. This is my first time ever growing so welcome all feedback.
  4. how big your grow area? just by looks l would of just put one plant in there.

    if i were you id drop the scrog idea and just grow the four of them normally. since they dont have a lot of side to side space try for a little more length.

    other than all of that your screen's holes look a bit big

    lol didnt even see what killset said but yeah
  5. Room is
    70cm x 50cm and
    70cm deep (upto Base of the lights)
    I can make the box deeper by building a box I can mount on top of freezer.

    The screen holes are 2.5 inches square.

    I might see how they go and move some outside or into a bigger grow room.
  6. ah thats bigger than it looks. i was thinking like half that haha. looks like your plants are doing ok so yeah just do your own thing and learn for next time cause nothing beats experience. just keep in mind that they do stretch, sometime more than what you'd think
  7. Yeah they are approx 8 inch tall now.
    14 days in seedling and today is 7th day in veg. (So 21 days old)
    I was thinking of vegging for 3 more weeks. (Depending on how much horizontal growth I can get from scrogging) I am aware that they normally double/triple in size when flowering.. but will the scrogg reduce that a bit? Say only grow 40/50% more?
  8. That's more like a 1 plant scrog in that small of an area. I the squares are 2.5inches that's roughly a 12"×15" screen or so by counting the squares. That's pretty small.

    This is 1 plant in a 2'x4' screen. Sometimes I'll do 2 in thst area anything under a 2'x2' i just run 1.

    What size containers?

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  9. Blimey that's a big canopy.

    My pots are only small also..
    About 1.5 gallons each.

    I'm not aiming to get massive yields.. maybe get 20 ounces total.. (realistic?)
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  10. Do i need to top them so I get more buds? Can someone point me in the right direction.. thanks
  11. Aim for 1 gram per watt. Be happy with .5 gram per watt.

    I just asked this in another thread last week. im doing my first scrog and im about the same timeline in, maybe a week ahead of you. The answer was, yes topping helps.
  12. 20 oz is not even close to a realistic goal. In that small of an area you'll be lucky to get 2 ounces. And if you don't get rid of some plants you'll be super lucky not to have fluffy light starved buds. Youre small space is going to be a huge limiting factor regardless of the light source you just don't have the room

    I used to top but no longer do and now my screens fill faster.
  13. Ok. So new plan.. I plan on converting this old greenhouse into my grow space. (Sorry about the bad drawing lol)

    I can adapt size as they grow.. but was gonna use the first 2 shelf heights first as a guide. Plants in bottom and 1st shelf scrogg. 2nd shelf I'll suspend lights from a makeshift roof I'll make out of wood.

    I plan on cutting holes and sealing in some fans using sealant to sort my ventilation.
    I plan on lining the plastic sheeting in mylar. It will be as tight and sturdy as possible.

    The greenhouse will be placed inside my shed so wind/rain etc won't be an issue when it comes to water damage or wind blowing the mylar/plastic cover all over the place.

    I'm going to up my pots to 3.5 gallons and I'll reduce my scrogg holes to 4 cms.

    I may buy another light but reluctant to as I'm skint... but if you think I'll need additional lighting I would certainly consider it.

    Any thoughts..??

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  14. Ps
    My space size will be as follows.

    Base 1.45metres x 0.7m.
    Light height = 0.9m (approx 30cm from plants) rising to 1.3 metres when they grow taller. With a maximum height of approx 1.9metres
  15. I can't see the pics as I'm on my tablet and it sucks, but I have one plant filling a 5x5 tent, less plants with a little longer veg worked really well for me

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