Scrog setup, what am I missing?

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    Hey all, finally got all my parts in place for this grow. Second grow, first time using a scrog. Currently three weeks into flower, through the stretch and getting lots of prebuds.

    Current setup:
    Lights. 2x homdox 300 watt LED 1x bestva 1000 watt LED

    5 gal dwc with 5 gal siphon fed resivor and 20l/pm airpump and 5'' disk airstone.

    Medium. Lava rock

    Airflow. Intake 4'' 200 cfm inline fan. Exhaust, 50 cfm vent fan.

    Nutes. General hydroponics trio.

    General tools. Ppm meter, pH meter, slim pruners, therm and hygrometer.

    Just wondering if I am missing anything here. IMG_20170823_081250.jpg IMG_20170823_081050.jpg IMG_20170823_101844.jpg IMG_20170823_101901.jpg
  2. looks fine but with the purple lights on its hard to tell if anything is off or missing
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