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  1. so my current grow is almost done:D. i ave decided to do a scrog next. so am buying a 3m x 3m x 2m tent next week and swapping my 2 1000w lights for 4 600w with the largest shades i can find.
    i already have fans big enough to handle a tent that size, i have ordered 10 fem big bang and 5 fem violator kush that should arive very soon:hello:. so my questions are:
    1. i plan on building a screen about 2.6 x 2.4 aprox, so how many plants would be optimum? i have read some places as many as 1 plant per square foot but that cant be right, i was thinking mabey 8 in a screen that size. you's think the strains i have selected are apropriate? i have grown big bang before and from how it grew last time i think it will do niceley, the VK i havent grown before so im not sure.

    3.they sell netting at the local hydro shop but i have seen a few people say it isnt strong enough and to use wire?

    4.I am going to be using coco/clay balls in 52L pots sitting on milk crates (perfect for sitting plants on as still alow max airflow) i was thinking to save having to trasplant later and more room for roots the better, and hand water with draining to a res. unless those pots will be to big for seedlings?

    Just curious, any advice or critisism is welcome once i get it all sorted i am going to do a grow journal
  2. Plant size aint that important as long as each plant has enough roots for its canopy.
    You can grow one big one with 10 gal of roots or 20 with 2 galls of roots. I think 12 is a good number because its manageable pots aren't so big you cant carry them and you can get between the plants if you need.
  3. Well, the reason they say to go that big is because you really stretch out the canopy horizontally with a you could have a smaller screen, you just couldn't get a very big canopy off each plant.
  4. 1. I assume you are talking meters. Thats about what, 8' x 8'? That is a really big screen. You will not be able to train a screen that size. You will need to break it into several smaller screens with access between them. So that is probably (4) 3'-4' screens. I run 5 plants under a 4'x4' screen. That is about the max plants for that size. So if you were to run 4 screens You could run 20 plants.

    2. Any strain is scroggable. The better you know the strain, the better your scrog will be.

    3. Make your own frame for each screen and string it with twine. You will appreciate this when it comes time to harvest and you can just cut the twine to drop the screen. Scrogging will make the buds grow around the screen mesh and if you cant cut it, you will be ripping buds apart at harvest.

    4. Your pots can never be too big. Although, smaller pots in the early stages promotes denser root growth.
  5. Ahhh, meters..

    Forgot about those. The unit of measurement that actually makes sense..
  6. thanks for the advice i have decided to build a room and not use a tent. i am still waiting for my seeds tho, its never taken this long before. thhe room is built and im going to be going with 8 plants in 52 liter pots. im building my screen tonight proably i was thinking one big screen to maximise size as i will have access from all sides but thanks for the advice on the twine tho

  7. I use an 8x4 foot scrog for 8 plants in 7 gallon pots.

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  8. notice he doesnt go past 4' across. You need less than 5' to be able to train the screen. Reaching the center without breaking anything at 4' is a challenge.
  9. I recommend only growing one strain in a set screen. If you want 2 strains, I'd use 2 screens, or else you may find yourself in a tough spot if they grow radically different. Also, one plant per square foot is okay, the main thing is you want to make sure you can access all the plants. You want to be able to water the plants easily, and you'll need to be able to have access to the plants to trim down growth beneath the screen to allow for air flow. I think that growing the plant on top of the screen and tying it down is easier than growing under the screen. You can tuck things out of the way, trim less, and control the growth more easily.
  10. This is decent advice, although I find it pretty easy to grow multiple strains under the same screen. It just takes more diligence in training the screen.

    Also, if you arent training under the screen, you arent scrogging correctly. I have tried both methods and below the screen is definitely the way to go.

    The longer you run with a single strain, the better you SCROGs will get.
  11. well sorry for being away from here for the last month, i just became a dad:hello:. but now little man is settled in im back to growing again, i would like to thank everyone for their help :gc_rocks:. I still have not recieved my seeds:mad:, i emailed them again yesterday and woke up today to an email today from them saying:

    We are very sorry we have just found your initial reply to our information request in our spam folder. We have all the required details now and you order is ready to be shipped.

    Order ID: **********
    We confirm your order is now ready for shipping. Although your order will be shipped discreetly/stealth, unfortunately it is becoming increasingly difficult to guarantee receipt of orders to your region. For that reason, please note we cannot resend orders that do not arrive to your region.
    If you no longer wish to receive your order please notify us within the next 24 hours and we will cancel your order and fully refund payment, otherwise your order will be shipped as initially requested and you will receive a shipping confirmation email.
    Please let us know if you are happy to ship this order.

    wtf??? not impressed has delayed me further, i asked for a few extra seeds compensation tho lol, wonder if they will or not.

    i have re designed my room again as it is getting hot here and have managed to aquire an industrial air con from a wherehouse and was wondering if it would be suitable to cool my room? if so what is a general good temp to set it at(i know it will be different from strain to strain)?, will it add any humidity or any adverse affects from the air cooling?. i will post pics in a few days as my phone is fucked.
    what is your average veg time to fill a screen that size? as mine will be about the same. they look very nice by the way, i am aiming for something like that.

    yes so much simpler, and logical lol.

    How much room between the tops of my pots and my screen should i have?

    im going to give both strains ago i cant wait to try big bang agin, and VK sounds very nice lol.
    i have grown big bang a few times and know her pretty well. never had a go at VK so i will just wing it with her lol. anyone got any tips for her?

    well guess thats it for now will be back more often now.
  12. Sounds great man, i Scrogged a big bang next to a super lemon haze both with a 600w, they kind of had there own screen but the SLH overgrew by far and had to use a little of the big bang's screen.
    I would go with around 8-10", gives enough room to train those branches

  13. Why? I'm planning on starting a scrog as soon as I harvest, and i figured it would be easier to tie the plant down to the screen than to keep it tucked under and have to worry about lining up bud sites to screen holes. I know it's not the traditional scrog, more-so intense lst with the help of a screen, but should produce similar results right? Are there any major differences other than how you maintain the plant? Am I missing something?

    Congratulations man! So did I. My baby girl is almost four months old now.

    You need enough space between the pot and the screen to manage the plant. You need to be able to get your hands in there to pull her under the screen and position her how you want. You need to have room to get in there and trim excess green growth. And you might need to get in there to water your plant. I suggest a big hole in the bottom of your pot, and setting your pot in a separate tray that can be filled with water and allowing your pot to water itself passively that way.
  14. Yes, there is a major difference. Keeping the plant below the screen creates a flat even canopy, tying buds down to the screen but above it would not create the same even canopy.

    And I dont understand what you mean by "and have to worry about lining up bud sites to the screen holes."? If you are using the recommended 2" screen, any bud that is larger than 2" will be easy to tuck below the screen.

    8"-10" between grow medium and screen is ideal.
  15. Maybe we're not seeing the same thing here. I'm planning on growing my plant into the screen right from the start. I saw a tutorial on sensi shop or some site like that that seemed to grow out the plant and switch to flowering before ever reaching the screen. Then each growing shoot was lined up to grow through the screen. I'm using cfls so I want as flat a plant as possible. My thoughts are to let the main stalk grow through the screen. Then I will tie it to the top of the screen. as secondary branches grow up off the main stem, they too will be tied flat to the screen. As each set of branches is tied, new sets will try to grow up, and they too will be tied down. As the screen fills, I will switch to flower, and try to time it so that the initial stretch of flowering fills out the last of my screen. Now the plant is devoting all energy to bud growth, and all branches are tied down at the same height. All getting equal light distribution. The buds will grow uniformly and I should end up with an even canopy of buds. So the principle here stays the same as, say, greenmonster's scrog tutorial, the only real change is moving the branch work of the plant up a half inch from under the screen to on top of the screen. There will be no dense undergrowth, and more likely than not I will have to prune fan leaves from time to time to keep the top manageable, but overall the methods are more or less one in the same. I think.

    I can't believe I typed all that and forgot to put any actual numbers. That's why you shouldn't post stoned haha.
  16. Well i got a reply from the seed company and they are giving me 3 free fem nyc diesel :) . I have never grown her before but have wanted to. Now i am thinking 4 vk,2 big bang and 2 nyc. Anyone got any tips for the nyc?
  17. I understand what you are planning on doing, and Im trying to give you my advice based on years of perfecting the SCROG method.

    You asked what is better, above or below? I answered based on my years of experience. You disregarded my advice and stated you will continue to do it your way.

    I sighed, chuckled a little, and am moving on knowing that you dont want advice. You want to let us know what you plan on doing regardless of others input or suggestions.

    Best of luck. :p

    P.S. some of that info you spouted in your last post is absolutely false. have fun figuring out which part(s).
  18. I joined this forum and others to learn as much as I could. I've seen the idea of growing with a screen done several different ways. Some of which still kinda confuse me to be perfectly honest. I understand it that you grow your plant into the screen and veg until the screen is almost full and then flower. The plant stops growing and the buds form and you have a perfect little forest of buds. I've followed many journals and seen it done various ways on top and below the screen and they had close results. I'm trying to figure this out the best I can. If going on top won't work I am willing to accept that advice I simply would like to know why it won't work if the plant is still grown flat until bud formation. Ive also seen People not imploy the screen until thy flower. This is the form of scrogging that I don't understand. It seems like doing it this way doesn't take full advantage of the screens ability to keep all of your plant as close to the light as possible.
  19. Both methods will work to a point, but keeping the buds below the screen works MUCH better. Why? because you have a flat plane by keeping the buds below the screen. When you start tying buds above the screen your canopy is no longer flat and you are blocking light to other buds that if you would train below the screen, would have adequate light.

    I have tried both methods, below the screen is the way to go. It produces better results.

    I dont drop my screen until I flip the lights. It doesnt matter when you initiate the screen. I can train a screen I drop on my girls just as well as anyone who veg's their plants below it. The screen serves no purpose until flowering anyway.

    The real advantage of a screen isnt proximity to the light, its the fact that every bud on the screen turns into a top (cola).
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    So in the end, for my first scrog attempt, would it be wise to follow the greenmonster's scrog technIque? I'm using a DIY cfl 12 bulb 312 watt reflector that I made out of a large meat packing box and figured a screen would allow me to make the most use of my lights. That or pack as many 2L under there as I could and go 12/12 from seed. I just feel the scrog will get me the highest yield.

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