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  1. i'm running OG Kush under a 600w with a standard wing hood. There is about 6 feet of vertical space, 4 or 6 plants in a aeroponic system. would SCRoGing my plants help them at all? Or should i just SoG the 4-6 plants i have?

    I also plan on doing some:
    White Widow
    OG kush #18
    LA Confidential
    and some more

    How do i know which strains are alright to SCRoG or not?

    I read all about SCRoGing, but from what i understand you thread the branches through the screen, like, you put a branch in a hole, then pull it back down through a different hole and up again. and you only leave the tip of the branch to grow up, or the bud site. Am i correct? How high should i put the screen?
  2. How much space do you have ? if you grow in 4x4 then you can scrog 4 plants... You can SROG any strain ....
  3. IMHO scrog is best suited for stretchy sativa dom plants
    indicas dont stretch much and will not produce much without lots of veg time

    with a sog u want multiple plants (20 or more) that will fill a whole room
    with a scrog u want a few plants to fill a whole room much like the sog would

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