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  1. First some quick details: 3 skunk #1 plants, soil, 250w MH, two 42W flowering CFL's. I put them on 12/12 on the 31st of January and have yet to see any real flowering. This is my first scrog and I was wondering if I'm being impatient or does scrog slow down the flowering process?
  2. PICTURES :)


    AT 40+ days you should see BUDS

  3. okay, I'll get some pic's tonight. They're in the dark right now, so I'll have to wait.

  4. IMO you either have a male or a light leak if you are not seeing flowers at 40 days on SKUNK.
  5. Well, they're feminized, so I don't think males are the problem, and I haven't changed anything, so I don't think it's a light leak, either. Plus, if my math is right, they are coming up on 21 days, not 40. But I swear up and down that the other crops of skunk #1's were showing signs of flowering by now.
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    OOPS SOOOOO SORRY... My math is horrible, 21 is not bad or a reason enough to begin to panic. The 31st is also the day I started my SKUNK :) however in VEG...

    Again sorry...

    Here are some shots from a previous SKUNK#1 harvest of mine;

    Skunk1 Harvest.jpg

    Edit; I am still however going to suggest you examine the plant for signs of male when the lights come back around...

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  7. What spectrum light?

    Did you flush when you switched to 12/12?

    What ferts before 12/12 and what ferts since?
  8. 250 Metal Halide and two 2700k cfl's. I did give them veg fert a few days before 12/12, but I flushed at the next watering. Since then I've used pro-bloom and a touch of molases. I'm begining to wonder if I shouldnt have given them veg fert right before 12/12. To much N?
  9. Sorry, didn't see the lighting info in your first post.

    You've got (mostly) the wrong light spectrum. Your main light source is MH, great for vegging but not good for flowering. You need HPS. Is your ballast made for HPS or MH? Either way you can get a HPS bulb that goes in that ballast (you need a conversion bulb if the ballast is MH) and you'll be good to go. Your alternative is more of those CFLs, which are the right color spectrum but only 2 of them are not producing enough for flowering out 3 plants.
  10. I agree, but I've been successfully using this setup for a dozen harvests and have been very happy with the results. I'm getting another flowering cfl in there as well.

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