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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by shagrat, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. So with a scrog i am supposed to direct the branches into their own spot evenly so they all get the same amount of light. Im pretty sure i could figure out how to do that. But my question is since im growin from seed could i star scroggin after i determine the sex of the plant so i wouldnt have to take any males out of my scrog?
  2. yep, that is correct, it can also be a huge pita. I'd suggest some basic LST your first grow until you can establish a sex take a few clippings off a female, root them and you got some moms guaranteed female then SCoG the shit out of the next grow and no worries...
  3. ^^^^Yep!^^^

    You really don't want to be untangling a male from a screen man. If you are unable to take clones I would LST them around the pot until they show pre-flowers THEN train the fems around the screen.
  4. aiit cool thx guys
  5. Heres my idea.

  6. haha thats a tight scrog homie
  7. Yeah, that looks like it would work. You might want a bigger one though. The SCROG is like a big LST basicaly. You bend and move the branches to keep an even canopy till around week 5 of flowering. Then you let them go.

    I use the SCROG technique because of height limitations. So after a month of vegging, I put them under 12/12 and sex them. I have my net at the height my plants get when they start flowering, so when they show sex it's easier to get them out. But one plant that has vegged for 4 weeks could fill two of those grill pieces easily.

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